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Local Area Risk Assessment (children's commissioning)

Peterborough City Council is committed to supporting providers to develop good quality, in county services, to meet the needs of our children and young people in care. To facilitate this, we have developed a Local Area Risk Assessment Toolkit which provides key links and information you may need when developing registered service provision in the Peterborough area.

There are a number of policies and strategies which relate to children and young people within Peterborough. Some of these relate to children who are either open to Social Care or are children in the care of the local authority, such as:

Health and wellbeing

Peterborough have an Emotional Health and Wellbeing Local Transformation Plan (PDF 4.2mb) which is created and maintained by local Integrated Care Board within the NHS.

Access to services

Level of crime

Safeguarding factors – risk of CSE etc.


Peterborough demographics