National non-domestic rates

The following information is available about national non-domestic rates (business rates):

  • National non-domestic rates credits
  • New national non-domestic rates occupiers
  • All national non-domestic rates accounts

This information is for Quarter 2 (1 July to 30 September 2021) and was updated on 6 October 2021.

The Information for Quarter 3 (1 October to 31 December 2021) will be available from January 2022.

If you require these files in a different format please email

Coronavirus grant funding

Grants issued to help businesses during the lockdown

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have received multiple FOI requests concerning grants issued to help businesses during the lockdown. This is the final grant information pulled together from our records relating to Small Business Grants Fund (SBGF) and the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Business Grants Fund (HLBGF).

Please note: the information applies to those grants issued under the scheme, which closed on 31 August 2020.

Local authority payments to small and medium businesses

Local authorities have continued to receive and distribute funding to support small and medium businesses in England during the pandemic.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy now publishes data covering coronavirus grant schemes managed by local authorities. Access the data online.