Disabled relief on council tax

Persons who can claim disabled relief

A person may submit an application for Disabled Relief provided they are an ‘eligible person’ or by someone on their behalf.

An ‘eligible person’ is the person who is liable to pay the Council Tax for the property and:

  1. it is the sole and main residence of at least one qualifying individual; and
  2. in which there is provided one or more facilities described in Section 2 below.

Where more than one person is jointly liable to pay the Council Tax, either party may claim disabled relief on the other person’s behalf.

Terms and phrases used

A ‘qualifying individual’ is a person who has their sole and main residence in the property concerned and who is substantially and permanently disabled whether by illness, injury, congenital deformity or otherwise.

"Required for meeting the needs" - with regard to the qualifying conditions; this is a facility which is required for meeting the needs of a qualifying individual and which is essential or of major importance to the wellbeing of the disabled person by reason of the nature and extent of that person’s disability. For the purposes of this form a wheelchair is not required for meeting an individual’s needs if it is not used by that person within the property.

Provision of information

We may ask you to supply further information in support of your claim.

Changes of circumstances

If circumstances change and you believe that you are no longer eligible for disabled relief, you must notify Peterborough City Council immediately.

Processing Request