Do I need building regulations approval?


For general information and advice relating to the Building Regulations please visit the following websites:

Applying for building regulations approval

There are two options when submitting an application for building regulations approval. Both of these types of application need to be submitted before you start work together with the required fee.

Full plans application

There are two stages with this type of application:

  • We will check the plans you have submitted and assess the proposed works against the building regulations. Where the proposed works comply with the building regulations we will approve those plans submitted to us. These can then be passed to your builder to start work.
  • Once the plans have been approved and works commenced we will inspect the work at appropriate stages. 

Please note that the fee for this type of application is given in two parts - a plan check fee and inspection charge. Only the plan check fee is required when you submit your application, the inspection charge becomes due once we have carried out the first site inspection. You can apply online using our planning and building application tool.

Building notice application

With this type of application:

  • we will only carry out the site inspections required to ensure compliance with the building regulations.
  • We will not check the design of the development before work starts, as such you need to be confident that your builder is familiar with the requirements of the building regulations otherwise you may find that changes are required during construction which could result in extra costs.
  • You can start work as soon as your application has been acknowledged.

You can apply online using our planning and building application tool.

For both types of application you can book building regulations site inspections online.

If you have already completed the work

If you have already carried out the works and are now looking to confirm that it complies with the building regulations you will need to submit an application for regularisation. You can apply online using our planning and building application tool.