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Cost of Care Exercise and Market Sustainability Plan

Local care market exercise

In 2021, the Government set out its plan for adult social care reform. They required local authorities to conduct an exercise with their local care market to establish the costs of providing the following types of care:

  1. Residential / nursing care for adults over 65 years and
  2. Domiciliary care for adults over 18

The aim was for local authorities to develop a shared understanding of the costs of delivering care in Peterborough and to better understand where fee rates may need to increase.

We have published below two Cost of Care reports. We submitted these to the Government in October 2022. 

The exercise has helped us to better understand the costs of care delivery in Peterborough. The information will help to inform the development of our Market Sustainability Plan. However, we wish to state that the funding received to support adult social care market sustainability is not sufficient enough to meet the funding gap identified by the Cost of Care Exercise.

The Cost of Care reports contain a median care cost based on information supplied to us by circa 50% of the local market. This 'middle' average masks the natural variation in care costs. It may not be fully representative of Peterborough's care market. In reality, several factors determine fee rates, such as:

  • A person's individual needs
  • Workforce availability
  • Operating costs
  • Quality
  • Location
  • Occupancy
  • Each provider's business model

As such, we expect fee rates will continue to vary across providers and areas.

We will continue to use commissioning processes and individual contract negotiation to determine the fee rates we pay. We strive to balance our duty to get best value for public money with the costs incurred in the delivery of care.

We want to thank the care providers who took part in the Cost of Care Exercise.

Market Sustainability Plan 

Following the publication of our Cost of Care reports, we are pleased to publish Peterborough’s Market Sustainability Plan. The plan has been informed by engagement with the local care market and information from our Cost of Care reports. We would like to thank all providers who attended the engagement events in February.

The Market Sustainability Plan sets out:

  1. An assessment of the sustainability of the local care market
  2. An assessment of the impact of future market changes between now and October 2025 (given that charging reforms are no longer planned for October 2023)
  3. Our plans to address the issues identified and improve market sustainability

The plan includes the sectors covered during the Cost of Care exercise (care homes and homecare) as well as the wider adult social care market.

You can find the Peterborough Market Sustainability Plan below.