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Housing Renewal Policy

We can provide assistance to any person living in Peterborough to improve living conditions.

This may be through:

  • Adaptations to improve access into and around the home, which is available to homeowners, social or privately rented property.
  • Assistance may also be available to homeowners to tackle house condition defects that pose a significant risk of harm to the occupiers.

Our Housing Renewal Policy includes details of:

  • The types of assistance we may make available:

    • Mandatory Disabled Facility Grant
    • Discretionary Disabled Facility Top Up Grant
    • Discretionary Grant to Assist Adult Social Care
    • Discretionary Repairs Assistance
    • Discretionary Disabled Persons Relocation Grant

  • The circumstances in which persons will be eligible for assistance:
  • How we will calculate the amount of any assistance awarded
  • The conditions that will apply to the provision of assistance
  • How and in what circumstances any assistance made may be repaid