Adults Over The Age of 18 and Under The Age of 65

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There are increasing numbers of adults over the age of 18 and under 65 who need social care support.

The significant advances in neonatal care have resulted in growing numbers of young people with very complex needs surviving into adulthood.

The life expectancy of adults with learning disabilities has increased significantly and many are developing age related conditions such as dementia.

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People at risk of admission to a psychiatric hospital

We will work with partners to deliver the model of service set out in “Building the Right Support” for people with a learning disability and/or autism who are at risk of requiring hospital admission to psychiatric hospital.

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Personalisation is about how people experience the support they receive on a day to day basis and the relationships they have with the people providing this support,  We will work with providers to ensure that people have the information to make informed choices when arranging and purchasing services for themselves and, wherever possible, to have control over how those services are provided. 

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Transition from children's to adult services

To support a smooth transition from children’s to adult services, the council is developing an all age approach to the way it commissions and structures services for people with disabilities and complex needs. The development of the 0-25 service is the first step in achieving our intention.

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Access to universal services

Further implementation of access to universal services for all service users will be developed including but not limited to housing, benefits advice, leisure opportunities.

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The voice of all people with a learning disability will be supported in the planning and monitoring of services, through further development of co produced models of service based on evidence to deliver the statutory responsibilities of the council.

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Respite care

We will redefine the capacity of the respite care market in Peterborough for people with learning disabilities.

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Framework contract

We will develop a new Framework Contract for suppliers to deliver core services in people’s homes, as well as more specialist support for people with complex and challenging needs.

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Getting into work

We will extend access to work opportunities for people with disabilities based on evidence of effective models through partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions and the Clinical Commissioning Group.

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The Commissioning Team have recommissioned its advocacy services during 2016/2017 to support people who cannot represent themselves and need support to access the services that they are entitled to receive.

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Day opportunities

We will develop a range of day opportunities for those with disabilities to refocus on supporting people under retirement age to take up employment, training and volunteering.

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