Adults with a Learning Disability or Autism


All written communication will be in a format that is understandable for a person with a learning disability and/or autism spectrum condition wherever possible and practicable.

We will reduce our investment in registered accommodation and through working with partners promote the development of more supported living accommodation. The council will work with specialist providers to ensure cost effective support packages are available and meet the needs and aspirations of people with specialist needs.

Supporting Adults with Autism Spectrum Condition

We will ensure service providers have the skills and experience to work with service users with autism, particularly those with behaviours that challenge. Providers are encouraged to develop their service offer to meet current and future need.  

Expanding employment opportunities

All people with a learning disability and/or autism spectrum condition to be supported to experience work related activities. We need providers to develop social enterprises that deliver products and services with a community/social purpose and offer employment opportunities to adults with learning disabilities.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology has a key role to play in supporting independence. Advances have enabled us to replace some invasive and costly monitoring services (i.e. night time support) with equipment and assistive technology, and we will be looking to accelerate this going forward.

Direct Payments

We will increase the uptake of Direct Payments and related support options including the Personal Assistant market for adults with a learning disability or autistic spectrum condition.

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