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Campaign to End Loneliness 

The Campaign to End Loneliness was hosted by the council at a special event to raise awareness of social isolation in Peterborough on Monday 4 December 2017.

The event took place at Kingsgate Community Church & Conference Centre in Peterborough.

We would like to bring together decision-makers, charities and powerful voices in our communities to work together to end loneliness in Peterborough. 

The event:

  • Explored the issue of loneliness in later life in Peterborough
  • Celebrated the best local practice to support older people to remain connected
  • Included a discussion on ‘Loneliness and Men’ with a panel of older men and the Men’s Shed Association

The Campaign to End Loneliness believes that nobody who wants company in Peterborough 
should be without it. We will make this happen by:

  • Reaching and supporting people most at risk of loneliness
  • Ensuring services and activities address loneliness more effectively
  • Working with partners from across the city to inspire people to take action against loneliness in their communities, workplaces, and businesses.

Care Quality Commission Area Review

The first CQC local system review for Halton has been published on the CQC website.

Download the Local System Review: Halton (PDF, 890KB) to find out more.

Inclusive Youth Club

Are you or do you know someone between the ages of 11-19 who is looking to have fun and meet people of the same age? Our Inclusive Youth Club offers a range of different activities, whilst giving young people the opportunity to learn new skills and make friends. 

The Youth Club is available to attend every Wednesday evening 7pm-9pm at St Mary's Church, New Road, PE1 1TT. 

For more information contact Alan Quinn 07392 280075 or Deborah Smalley 07392 280076.

Regulations, Procedures & Policy News

Queensgate​ ​launches​ ​its​ ​EnAbled shopping​ ​event​ ​-​ ​making​ ​shopping accessible​ ​for​ ​everyone

On Thursday 7 December, Queensgate Shopping Centre will host its new community engagement initiative called, EnAbled; working with disability groups and individuals to make shopping inclusive for everyone.

From 4pm until 8pm, Queensgate's staff and retailers will be dedicated to welcoming disability groups, carers, and individuals with specific needs of all ages and abilities by creating a relaxed and comfortable environment. Greeting stations with refreshments will be
placed throughout the centre and information about the evening, including exclusive discounts and pictorial mall guides, will be freely provided.

Above Central Square, outside M&S, a pianist will play soothing music while the centre’s music & tannoy is turned off and lights dimmed throughout. Staffed ‘quiet zones’ and sensory areas will give guests easy-to-access locations and friendly trained staff will be located throughout the centre in easily identifiable clothing – there will even be a dog station for guide dogs.

“There is a very important section of our community that finds the prospect of visiting a busy shopping centre incredibly daunting, which is why we have launched our EnAbled initiative.

By inviting these people into the centre during a quiet period, we can encourage them to take advantage of our facilities, help them to understand access points, recognise key locations and ultimately empower them to be part of our community,” said Environmental Manager at Queensgate, Carol Wakelin.

Carol added: “The EnAbled launch is a starting point. It is a chance for people to come and talk to us, find out what we have to offer but it is also a chance for us to listen to people and understand their needs and respond accordingly.”

For groups, homes, carers or individuals interested in attending or for any questions about the EnAbled evening, please contact Carol Wakelin on or 01733 295035.

Extension of NHS seasonal flu vaccinations for Health and social care staff, employed by a registered residential care/nursing home or registered domiciliary care provider

Read correspondence from NHS England.

Healthwatch Cambridgeshire and Peterborough is launching  ‘Accessible Information as Standard’

This new report calls for better access to services for people with learning disabilities and sensory impairments.

The Accessible Information Standard came into effect from 1 August 2016 and is a legal requirement.

Healthwatch spoke to more than 180 disabled people locally about their experiences in the last year, and found that many were not getting information in a way they could read or understand.

Sandie Smith, Chief Executive of Healthwatch Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, said: ‘If people can not understand what they are being told about their health or care, then they haven’t lawfully given their consent to any treatment or change in their care arrangements’

‘Not being able to understand what you are being told also makes it much harder for you to manage your health and follow any treatment or care guidance. We know that people with sensory and learning disabilities routinely have poorer health and often don’t live as long, as the general population.’

For further information, visit the Healthwatch Cambridgeshire website or you can attend the launch event on Tuesday, 21 November, 6-8pm, Deafblind UK Conference Centre, Cygnet Rd, Peterborough PE7 8FD.

Forthcoming changes to coroner duty to undertake inquest in DoLS and other authorisations under the Mental Capacity Act 2005

From Monday 3 April 2017 coroners will no longer have a duty to undertake an inquest into the death of every person who was subject to an authorisation under the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (known as DoLS) under the Mental Capacity Act 2005. 

In these cases an inquest will still be required if the person died before Monday 3 April 2017. However, for any person subject to a DoLS authorisation who dies on the 3rd, or any time after, their death need not be reported to the coroner unless the cause of death is unknown or where there are concerns that the cause of death was unnatural or violent, including where there is any concern about the care given having contributed to the persons death. 

Any person with any concerns about how or why someone has come to their death can contact the coroner directly. This will not change where a person subject to a DoLS authorisation. What will change is that the coroner will no longer be duty bound to investigate every death where the deceased had a DoLS in place. 

For more information on coroner services please see the Coroner Services Guides.

Representatives from Peterborough Deaf Community meet Commissioners

Representatives from Peterborough’s Deaf Community aged below 50 met with staff from Peterborough City Council led by Commissioner Gary Jones to discuss the issues deaf people face in the city. The representatives talked about issues relating to health and social care, transport, and employment. 

The group also talked about way deaf  services might be improved. 

This meeting comes after a series of successful meetings with deaf people aged over 50 in Peterborough, and is the next step towards creating potential partnership boards with the council for the deaf community with the aim of making progress in combatting long standing inequalities suffered by deaf people in the city. 
Andy Palmer, Managing Director of CDA said: “I’m delighted that our relationship with the council continues to develop and shows real signs of making progress. 

“Thanks again to Gary and Karen Berkeley of the Commissioning team for thier continued focus on improving the lives of the local Deaf Community which looks like it could begin to make a difference soon.”

The next meeting is due to be in October. 

Cambridgeshire Deaf Association website news feature on their Peterborough members meeting with Adult Social Care Commissioning

Members of the local deaf community aged over 50 met members of the Commissioning department at Peterborough City Council today to discuss what works well and how services could be improved. 

The meeting was chaired by Gary Jones, the Interim Head of Commissioning for Older People, Carers and Sensory Impairment and organised by Karen Berkley, Assistant Commissoner in Adult Social Care alongside CDA. 

The delegates had their say on how the council could work better with the deaf community and this meeting is the first in a developing relationship between the Deaf community and Peterborough City Council.

Andy Palmer, Managing Director or CDA said: “Everyone came away from this initial meeting feeling good and optimistic about what could be achieved in future. Thanks to Peterborough City Council for their enthusiasm in looking at improving services for deaf people and I think we’re all looking forward to next time and to what more we can achieve together.”

If you would like to get involved in the next meeting, please get in touch with Ky Dai, Community Coordinator by text or FaceTime on 07557 258230 or email or come along to our weekly Peterborough Drop In