Commissioning's general position and intentions

Improving information and advice 

The council is undertaking a significant programme to improve its website and customer first point of contact service to enable people to help themselves, and to empower people to make informed choices about their care and support. The aim is to provide easy to use self-service and delivery of better advice and information to the community, ensuring it is compliant with the Care Act 2014.

The council is also undertaking a fundamental review of core IT systems, so that customers are able to better interact with the council and receive a wider range of advice and information. This will allow people to contribute directly to their assessments and reviews, and the aim is that they will be able to arrange their own care and support.

Assistive Technology has a key role to play in supporting independence

We will encourage providers to embed Assistive Technology into their service offer. Advances have enabled us to replace some invasive and costly monitoring services (i.e. night time support) with equipment and Assistive Technology, and we will be looking to accelerate this going forward.

Supporting family carers 

In the 2011 Census, 9.6% of the Peterborough population, around 1 in 10, stated that they provided some level of unpaid care. Of the 17,690 providing unpaid care 4,342 provided 50 hours of care per week.

Promote an earlier safe discharge from hospital

The council will commission services and support jointly with health partners that promote an earlier safe discharge from hospital. An in-house reablement service provides up to six weeks of intensive social care support aimed at maximising independence, health and wellbeing. Additional reablement capacity is available through independent sector homecare providers and through a voluntary sector 'Support at Home' service commissioned by the council.

Increasing the uptake of Direct Payments and related support options, including the Personal Assistant market

Around 37% of people taking a Direct Payment employ a Personal Assistant. Personal Assistants known to the council offering support in Peterborough can be accessed through the Peterborough Care Directory.   

Development of a social care market

The council will support the development of a thriving, strong and diverse social care market that is flexible and responsive to everyone in Peterborough, not just those eligible for direct council support.

We want to stimulate the development of new services and promote competition so people have a varied care and support market to purchase from. The social care workforce in Peterborough (as elsewhere in the UK) continues to be poorly trained, poorly paid and transitory which causes recruitment and staff turnover issues for care providers. This will require the council and the market working differently with schools and colleges to develop social care academies of excellence that can grow a new workforce that sees caring as their role of choice.

Market Position Statement

The Market Position Statement (MPS) indicates a future direction for adult health and social care provision in Peterborough. It is the start of a dialogue between the council and the provider market, a tool to spark debate, to encourage new ideas and to welcome any proposal of doing things differently and better.

Market Position Statement

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This Market Position Statement (MPS) is the first stage of a number of market influencing activities the Council will be engaged in. It sets out to summarise important intelligence explaining how we intend to strategically commission, and encourage, the development of high quality services to suit our residents.

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