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Olive Branch

Olive Branch training helps volunteers and care workers to spot fire hazards in vulnerable resident's homes and ensure they know how best to help mitigate them.

The training, adapted from best practice in Staffordshire, is aimed at organisations that have direct contact with vulnerable people, including voluntary sector, charities, and care workers.

Our staff deliver Olive Branch training sessions to equip carers with the knowledge to identify hazards and refer any concerns and the resident’s details directly to the fire service. Then our staff can provide a Safe and Well visit to help reduce the fire risk in the property.

By receiving Olive Branch referrals, we can get to reach those residents that are most vulnerable and help them keep safe and well in their homes.

The British Red Cross, MIND, Alzheimer’s Society and commercial care providers engage in the scheme.

If you know or work for an organisation that you think can take part, please email or 0800 917 9994 quoting Olive Branch training.

Latest news

Bereavement Support - April 2020126KBpdf
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Met Office_forecast23KBpdf
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PAB newsletter June 2020137KBpdf
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Financial support to independent sector care providers due to COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic the government has announced additional funding to local authorities to help them meet the increased demand for adult social care to provider additional support to social care providers.

The following outlines the financial support we are making available to care providers in Peterborough to make sure essential services continue and that the local adult care market is supported and financially resilient.

  • We have introduced advance payment mechanisms to support cash flow.
  • We have provided additional financial support to help providers manage the additional costs associated with COVID-19, including temporary fee uplifts and infection control funding.
  • We have established a central supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which providers can access where they have issues with their normal supply routes.
  • We are supporting providers with additional workforce capacity where needed, through the use of redeployed staff and volunteers

In line with national government requirements, each local authority is required to develop a local care home support plan.

Peterborough and Cambridgeshire Care Home Support Plan1.53MBpdf
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Guidance regarding COVID-19

PCC COVID-19 MCADoLS FAQs and Top Tips740KBpdf
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COVID-19 Grab and Go Guidance Notes143KBpdf
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COVID-19 Grab and Go Learning Disability and Autism Form98KBpdf
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NHS Supporting Patients with COVID-19 in MHLDA settings268KBpdf
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Skills For Care Support for Managers During COVID-19155KBpdf
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C19_FAQs for Care Homes on the Reuse of Medicines170KBpdf
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C19_Medicines reuse pathway307KBpdf
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CareQuality Commission Covid-19 Insight838KBpdf
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Joint Management of Care Home Covid-19 outbreaks827KBpdf
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Follow-up of Covid-19 outbreak template14KBpdf
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Care home visiting V1.8425KBpdf
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Carers Emergency Fund key information109KBpdf
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Carers Emergency Fund application form75KBpdf
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Carers Magazine Issue 20 Content submission form73KBpdf
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PRINCIPLE_pictorial info880KBpdf
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PRINICPLE Care Home Staff Poster545KBpdf
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PRINCIPLE PIS_ participant info1.23MBpdf
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Guidance on wearing faces masks in extreme heat

Please see guidance below for care home staff on protocols for wearing face masks from Community Infection, Prevention and Control. With temperatures set to rise in the UK over the next few days we have also received guidance from Public Health England on coping with extreme heat.

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IPC- face masks578KBpdf
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Quality Improvement Team newsletter

The Quality Improvement Team Newsletter has an array of information including recruitment campaigns by the Department of Health and Social Care, Falls and AcesssAble.

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