Current tenders

The council's Adult Social Care Commissioning are looking to commission a high quality, Peterborough city wide Direct Payment Support Service that enables the outcome of improved independence, health and wellbeing of people with eligible needs funding their own support. For further information please use the following links: 

If you have any questions please contact Procurement Manager,

Care at Home tendering exercise

The council recently invited Registered Domiciliary Care Providers who were interested in participating in the next Care at Home tendering exercise, for the provision of support services for Peterborough’s residents to attend the Care at Home Provider Event held on August 1 2017 at City College in Peterborough.  

The aim of this event was to:

  • Outline the Commissioning approach
  • Outline key areas of the specification
  • Present an overview on how to submit bids using the Council’s e- Sourcing procurement portal SourceDogg

The presentation to Domiciliary Care Providers and the subsequent Question & Answer Session from the event are now available to view below.

If you have any further questions then please contact

Question & Answer session

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