Introduction and overview


Peterborough City Council is pleased to introduce our first joint Market Position Statement (MPS) with Cambridgeshire Council Council for Adult Social Care. Due to an ageing population and significant financial constraint, we are facing unprecedented challenges across the system. As a result of this, we are in a position where we need to work differently with providers and build capacity in our communities using a neighbourhood approach to meet the needs of our citizens. 

To continue and improve our collaborative work together, throughout the content of this document, we really want to hear from you about any ideas you have and how you think our approaches for the future will affect you and the people you support. We will be facilitating 'Provider Forums' across Peterborough so we can work together collaboratively to improve services. These will be a great opportunity to share your views. 

This MPS identifies what we see as our' key pressures' in adult social care and highlights our commissioning intentions and 'direction of travel' for how we will address these issues. This information is live and will be updated as and when there is new information that you need to know. 

Our key challenges

  • an underfunded system which means we need to continue to meet increased demand within a reducing budget
  • care workforce shortage due to the impact of recruitment and retention challenges experienced across the sector
  • challenges in managing increased admissions and associated delayed hospital discharges

Peterborough City Council has moved away from thinking about services in more traditional 'customer groupings' and to talk about different themes of support. This is to support providers to think about the wider opportunities there are in the market across various sectors. We have received feedback about this approach during engagement. 

The current approach taken does not support Peterborough City Council to proactively manage these challenges and we are in a position where we need to work differently with the market and communities to explore how we can provide support differently. 

We believe that people have better lives when they are supported to remain as independent as possible in and by their communities, and we are therefore striving to move towards a more localised approach to supporting citizens which focuses on early intervention and prevention. We need the local market to support and work with us partners to develop approaches able to achieve this.

The information within this MPS has been produced in collaboration with providers across the market. Wherever possible, we have tried to build upon what you have told us to make this information as useful to you as possible. For more information visit our Families Information Service

You said, we did

You said - "We want the information to focus on the council's key priorities"

We did - Rather than deliver "line and verse' on what we currently do, we have focused on our key priorities and intentions and what they mean to you.

You said - "Plans for Partnership Working need to be clear"

We did - We have provided clear information about how we will further integrate across not only the health and care system but with other agencies too.

You said - "If you want us to work in a different way, you need to be clear about what support is available"

We did - We have been honest that we don't know all of your support needs but we  have committed to working more collaboratively together to address issues through various approaches.

You said - "Data should be presented in an interactive way"

We did - We will be developing an online, interactive version of this MPS that will include more interactive data.

You said - "We want to know who the Commissioners are and how we can contact"

We did - Alongside the development of this MPS, we producing an online platform that will provide much more information about how commissioning works across PCC and how to contact us.


We are facing unprecedented challenges in adult social care and we need to continue to work together to commission fundamentally different approaches that achieve positive outcomes for our citizens and meet the increasing demand.

The key things we want to work together on in the future are:

  • increasing choice and control to empower adults and their carers
  • improving social care workforce recruitment and retention
  • supporting community resilience and micro-enterprises
  • enabling positive risk-taking to empower adults we support to have healthy relationships and fulfilling lives
  • supporting people to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible
  • more integration of services across public and third sector organisations

This Market Position Statement is the beginning of a conversation and we would welcome any thoughts you have about the future of adult social care in Peterborough. 

If you would like to share any of your thoughts, please contact 

Market Position Statement

Planning for future demand for older people’s accommodation with care

An update whilst our market position statement is updated.