Pseudo DPS: Adult Residential, Nursing and Dementia Care Placements

Adult Residential, Nursing and Dementia Care Placement Services

DPS is a fully electronic system designed primarily allow Local Authorities to procure care services in a way that complies with the Care Act 2014 but also complies with the Public Procurement Regulations 2015, to enable a fair and transparent system of sourcing suppliers and ensuring service user choice is respected. New suppliers can join at any time. The DPS is an ‘open' system. All communication in connection with the DPS must be electronic.

This project applies to those suppliers who have expressed their interest to secure their place on selected supplier list within the Pseudo DPS to provide Residential, Nursing and Dementia Care Services for Peterborough's’ eligible residents.

The service is regulated by:

  1. Care Act 2014 and subsequent Care and Support and Aftercare (Choice of Accommodation) Regulations 2014.
  2. Public Contract Regulations 2015 (Regulation 6). Light Touch regime.
  3. The “Choice Directives” Local Authority Circular 2004 (20),
  4. National Assistance Act 1948,
  5. Community Care Act 1994,
  6. Choice of Accommodation Directions 1992 and the LAC (2004)
  7. Guidance issued under Section 7(1) of the Local Authority Social Services Act 1970.

Under the Care and Support and Aftercare (Choice of Accommodation) Regulations 2014 (‘choice of accommodation regulations’. Local Authorities have a duty to offer residents (whose care they are funding) choice over where they receive their care provided the home accepts the funding terms and conditions, including how much the Council is willing to pay.

The council set up a ‘Pseudo DPS under the 'Light Touch' provisions of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. This means that all Potential Providers that meet the minimum requirements will be accepted on to the Pseudo DPS. The Pseudo DPS will be opened for new providers to apply or previously unsuccessful providers to re-apply. The Council would give any economic operator, throughout the entire period of validity of the Pseudo-DPS, the possibility of requesting to participate in the system and that the Pseudo-DPS shall remain open throughout the period of validity of the purchasing system to any economic operator that satisfies the selection criteria.

The Commissioners will call off the Pseudo DPS selected suppliers list in accordance with the procedures set out in the tender and Contract documentation.

How to apply to get on Pseudo DPS selected suppliers list?

The Council advertises through PIN in the Official Journal of the EC the opportunity for providers to join the rolling select list.

In order to qualify to the ‘Pseudo DPS’ selection list service providers must provide documents listed within the Invitation to Tender (ITT: document A and B).

When applying, make sure you have copies of below available: 

  1. Copy of Public Liability Insurance certificate
  2. Copy of Employers' Liability Insurance certificate
  3. Copy of Care Quality Commission registration
  4. Copy of Statement of Purpose

After you've accessed the link on TED you will be directed to SourceDogg. You can find out more about SourceDogg and how to register your organisation on our Supplier Registration and Login page

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