Private hire

We have a responsibility to ensure that drivers of private hire vehicles are fit and proper persons to hold their licence.

Private hire drivers

Drivers are issued with a badge which must be worn at all times when carrying out their duties, we only issue licences after the driver has been checked to make sure that he or she:

  • has a valid driving licence
  • is a fit and proper person
  • understands the relevant laws
  • has a good knowledge of the Peterborough area with a good standard of driving.

Apply for a private hire licence

The applicant must:

  • be able to read and write effectively in English
  • be at least 18 years of age
  • must not suffer from epilepsy or any other illness or condition which might affect his/her driving of a hackney carriage or private hire car
  • produce a medical examination certificate taken at own expense:
    • 1) on first applying for a driver's licence
    • 2) on reaching the age of 55 years
    • 3) on reaching the age of 60 years
    • 4) on reaching the age of 65 years and thereafter annually.
  • be able to produce testimonials of character from two ratepayers who have known the applicant personally for the past three years
  • a current full UK driving licence, held for more than one year (photo card licenses require the paper counter part to be produced) 
  • three passport sized photographs
  • have read and understood the conditions of the licence.

Should your application be unsuccessful or you have your badge and licence revoked, you have the right of appeal to the magistrates court witihin 21 days.

Licence fees and payment form

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Places of Interest 2015

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Private hire drivers licence conditions

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