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Fifty free activity ideas for under-fives

Did you know? Parents and carers in Peterborough have access to a free app full of activities to do with your little one.

Not only are the ideas on the 50 Things Before you’re Five app local to the city, they are also designed to boost your child’s language and movement skills.

Now that the weather is starting to look brighter, here are a few of our favourite activities the app has to offer:

Children and families - young boys playing in a stream

#19: Growing Little People, Plants and Things

Spring is the perfect time to plant seeds! You could grow herbs, vegetables, sunflowers – it’s up to you! You don’t even need a garden for this as the plants can be grown in containers, but make sure they’re in a place where you and your child can see them and watch how they grow.

#24: Hop, Skip and Jump

All children love to be active, so make sure your child has lots of opportunities to practise their physical skills. Encourage your child to do what they can, from crawling, to walking and beyond. The park is a great place to do this, and Peterborough has plenty of great parks and playgrounds to explore.

#30: Yummy Picnic

While you’re at the park, why not take a picnic? You can involve your child in the planning – they can help choose what to bring, create a menu and help with the preparation, depending on how able they are.

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#34: Woodland Wandering

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise! Woodland is full of interesting things, noises and play opportunities. Encourage your child to collect sticks, pinecones or anything else that takes their fancy, just ensure you only collect items found on the floor of the wood, remember not to pick anything that is growing apart from dandelions, buttercups and daisies.

Nene Park, Orton Longueville and Thorpe Wood all have fantastic woodland to explore.

#48: Natural Art

Once you’ve been outside and collected some natural objects, you and your child can make art with them! You can arrange the objects in different shapes, paint them or stick them on to paper, it’s up to you. Let your child lead the way with creativity and see what they come up with!

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