Civic Awards


Our Civic Awards aim to recognise residents, groups, organisations and businesses who have made a real difference to the local community. Anyone from Peterborough can be nominated and we'd like you to nominate those who you think deserve to be recognised for their efforts and achievements.

About the Civic Awards

The Civic Awards use an ‘open’ nomination scheme. This means that anyone can nominate a resident, group, organisation or business within the city for an award as long as the nominee meets the criteria for that award.

To be accepted for nomination the resident, group, organisation or business must have met criteria within the category for which they are making a nomination. 

Civic Awards 2019/2020

Nominations for the Civic Awards 2019-20 are now open. 

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Civic Awards 2018/19 winners

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Mr David Boddy
  • Ms Evelyn Speechley
  • Mrs Karen Hepworth-Lavery

Community Involvement Civic Award:

  • Mrs Barbara Holdich
  • Ms Belinda Speechley
  • Mrs Brenda Fearon
  • Ms Diane Nicholas
  • Mr Dick Talbot
  • Mr Eric Winstone
  • Mr Ian Davies
  • Mr John Bartlett
  • Mr Jonathan Rippon
  • Mr Lawrence Wright
  • Mr Louis Deplancke
  • Mr Michael Chambers
  • Mr Mick Mead
  • Mr Mohammed Saeed
  • Dr Muhammad Nawaz
  • Running Advisory Group – Perkins Great Eastern Run
  • Mr Steven Pettican
  • Mr Trevour Purllant
  • Fiona Henry, Bernadette Gibbons & Kirsty Hadfield - Needless Needles

Environment Civic Award:

  • Fiona Henry, Bernadette Gibbons & Kirsty Hadfield - Needless Needles
  • Mr Mohammed Saeed

Business Civic Award:

  • Mrs Katherine Hlalat