Council structure

The structure charts below show the Directors and Heads of Service for each of the service areas within Peterborough City Council.

PCC Corporate Management Team Structure Chart January 202296KBpdf
Size: 96KBFile format: pdf
Place and Economy Management Team Structure Chart - February 202239KBpdf
Size: 39KBFile format: pdf
People and Communities Structure Chart - February 2022109KBpdf
Size: 109KBFile format: pdf
Business Development and Improvement Structure Chart - April 2178KBpdf
Size: 78KBFile format: pdf
Customer and Digital Services Structure Chart - February 2021105KBpdf
Size: 105KBFile format: pdf
Law and Governance Structure Chart - April 202138KBpdf
Size: 38KBFile format: pdf
Resources Structure Chart193KBpdf
Size: 193KBFile format: pdf
Public Health - Normal Structure - April 2021157KBpdf
Size: 157KBFile format: pdf
Interim COVID-19 PH Directorate Structure Chart662KBpdf
Size: 662KBFile format: pdf