Council structure

The structure charts below show the Directors and Heads of Service for each of the service areas within Peterborough City Council.

JMT Structure Chart August 2021109KBpdf
Size: 109KBFile format: pdf
Business Development and Improvement Structure Chart - April 2178KBpdf
Size: 78KBFile format: pdf
Customer and Digital Services Structure Chart - February 2021105KBpdf
Size: 105KBFile format: pdf
Law and Governance Structure Chart - April 202138KBpdf
Size: 38KBFile format: pdf
People and Communities Structure Chart - March 2021142KBpdf
Size: 142KBFile format: pdf
Public Health - Normal Structure - April 2021157KBpdf
Size: 157KBFile format: pdf
Interim COVID-19 PH Directorate Structure Chart662KBpdf
Size: 662KBFile format: pdf
Resources Structure Chart193KBpdf
Size: 193KBFile format: pdf
Place and Economy Management Structure430KBpdf
Size: 430KBFile format: pdf