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Civic Awards

Civic Awards winners - 2023/24

This year’s Peterborough Civic Award winners have been recognised at a special ceremony.

The Civic Awards are held annually and aim to recognise residents, groups, organisations and businesses who have made a real difference to the local community.

The recipients honoured this year received their accolades at a presentation evening at Peterborough Town Hall on 5 March 2024.

The list of winners are:

Community Involvement Award

  • Amit Mehta
  • Andrew Petrie
  • Bharat Seta
  • Cetti Long
  • Chris and Vicki Baker
  • David Poulton
  • Emma Bothamley
  • Faizen e Madinah Mosque
  • Gemma Douglas
  • Laura Vassell
  • Lewis Vernum
  • Malcolm Hopkins
  • Malikia Brewster
  • Margaret and Michael Faulkner
  • Michelle and Stephen Chapman
  • Moez Nathu
  • Mohammed Jangher
  • Mohammad Ayoub Choudhary
  • Muhammad Camran Arif
  • PE4 Wombles
  • Pip Parker
  • Sally Hullock
  • Steve Crouch
  • Steve Williamson
  • Susan Broccoli
  • Yasmin Ilahi

Commitment to the Environment Award

  • Cliff and Julie Stanton
  • Mark Fishpool

Contribution to Art and Culture Award

  • Peterborough Voices

Sport Award

  • Egle Norvilaite
  • George Sykes and Keith Streeter
  • Iqra Academy Girls Football Team
  • Will Palmer

Business Award

  • Gemma Wright
  • Goldstar Cabs
  • Kez Hayes Palmer

Young Person Award

  • Children in Care Council
  • Eva Woods
  • Harry Cowley and Oliver Walker
  • Peterborough Young Inspectors

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Anne Sturgess

How the nominations work

The Civic Awards use an ‘open’ nomination scheme. This means that anyone can nominate a resident, group, organisation or business within the city for an award as long as the nominee meets the criteria for that award.

For us to accept the nomination, the resident, group, organisation or business must meet criteria within the category for which you are making a nomination, outlined as follows:

Awards and criteria

  • This award recognises an individual young person or group of young people, aged 18 and under, who have made a positive contribution to the local community and demonstrated exceptional community spirit and civic responsibility.
  • Nominations can be for excellence displayed in a number of fields, including success in subjects that are not normally recognised or awarded in other ways, for acts of bravery, kindness in helping others, outstanding commitment for caring for others or improving their community.

  • This award recognises an individual’s exceptional and continued commitment to the life of the community over a considerable period of time and demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the life of the community, typically for a period exceeding twenty years.
  • This award recognises individuals who support the community and make a difference time and time again, with a real commitment to others who live, work or learn in the city and includes volunteering, community work, helping neighbours or carrying out exceptional deeds spanning a lifetime.

  • This award recognises individuals or community and voluntary groups based in Peterborough who have made a positive contribution to the local community, people who make an extra effort to bring the community together or those who go out of their way to help others or a charity in their own time.
  • This award is for those who make an outstanding contribution to the community; whether it’s popping in on a neighbour every day, organising or supporting community groups or events, or improving the locality for the benefit of everyone.

  • This award recognises businesses who have contributed best to the community in any way or for those who champion local businesses and their interests.
  • This award can be presented to a local business that has created jobs or nurtured and promoted the skills of local residents or invested in making the city a great place to live, work and conduct business.

  • This award is for those who have made a significant difference to the conservation and protection of the city and its surrounding area’s natural environment.
  • This award highlights those people who work to celebrate or protect the environment we live in.
  • It could be someone who champions recycling, is passionate about protecting and conserving the environment or who is involved with an environmental project in the city.

  • This award recognises work in the arts in a voluntary or professional capacity for anyone who has made an outstanding contribution within the city.
  • Typically the nominee would have undertaken imaginative work in any one of the arts, such as drama, dance, music literature, the visual arts and crafts including photography and/or demonstrated good practice in the organisation of arts, projects and events.
  • This award is for those who may be the star of the show or they could work behind the scenes, helping to make it happen.

  • This category recognises sporting endeavour, whether it’s playing, organising or contribution to local sports development or coaching.
  • This award is for those who have achieved in any sport and recognises achievements for performances and representing at local, national or international sport.
  • They may have overcome adversity such as illness or disability to achieve a personal goal.
  • It is also to celebrate and thank those who give their time to working behind the scenes at the city’s local sporting clubs and groups.

How we decided who won the awards

Following the deadline date, we passed all nominations to our Constitution and Ethics Committee. They drew up a shortlist of finalists and selected winners of each award category.

Previous winners

This year’s Peterborough Civic Award winners have been recognised at a special ceremony. In total, 38 recipients were honoured this year and received their accolades on Thursday 11 May at Peterborough Town Hall.

Civic Awards

  • Dr Azhar Chaudhry
  • Family Voice
  • Louise Craig
  • Miriam Whittam
  • Faustina Yang
  • Simon Kail
  • Fiona Winchester
  • Gemma Wells
  • Raja Raashid
  • Rukhsana Sannee & Helen Walkinshaw
  • Mohammed Afzal
  • Arif Aziz
  • Fiona Cifaldi
  • Christine Cunningham
  • Lisa Chadwick
  • Sally Hudson
  • Bettina Lufferodt
  • Phillippa Phillips
  • Cliff Walker
  • Raimonda Gecaite , Snieguole Maliavskaja & Asta Kavaliuskaite
  • Neil Boyce (Good Neighbours)
  • Martin Chilcott
  • Carol & Andrew Avery
  • Dianne Dearden
  • Prudence Lear
  • Chinese Community Peterborough

Contribution to Art & Culture

Sue Magill

Tony Nero

Romsey Mill

Lifetime Achievement

David Jost

Stewart Francis

Outstanding Commitment to the Environment

Fred Truss

Safina Azam & Intikhab Ahmed

Nathan Minter

Johnny Richardson

Sport Award

FC Peterborough

Yasmin Siddique

Jimmy Dean

Community Involvement Award

  • Abdul Khan
  • Ann Deane
  • Brenda and Martin Tibbles
  • Dorothy Halfhide
  • Erin Lee
  • Hussaini Islamic Centre
  • Janet Hagan
  • Jane Hale
  • Joseph Dobson
  • Keith Leivesley
  • Nadia Abdurahman
  • Peterborough Youth Council
  • Peterborough Wombles
  • Salaam Radio
  • Salvation Army
  • Bhat Sikh Association
  • Well Cafe @ Alpha Centre

Contribution to Art and Culture Award

  • David Cramp
  • Khalid Junvy
  • Paul Stainton

Young Person's Award

  • Joshua Barnes

Sport's Young Award

  • Farida Bibi

Business Award

  • Mark Broadhead

Outstanding Contribution to Environment Award

  • David Lewenden

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Edward Ellwood
  • Girlguiding, Peterborough - Dawn Hughes, Debbie Dearden, Jayne Lloyd, Julie Ackroyd, Julie Cox, Sally Stainton-Roberts, Councillor Sandra Bond
  • Harry Brassey