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The B1040 and North Bank can on occasion be closed because of the risk of flooding which can prevent access, damage the surface of the road and even deposit debris on the road that could cause an accident.  

When either of these roads are closed the relevant highways authorities will put signs in place to indicate the diversion route that road users can take. Cambridgeshire County Council are responsible for B1040 and Peterborough City Council for North Bank.

Historically there have been occasions when road users have passed these closure signs and become stranded, this is illegal, putting unnecessary pressure on the emergency services and invalidates any insurance for the vehicle.

Some local residents may already know how to find out about when these roads are closed but for those who do not please see below:

Cambridgeshire County Council, Peterborough City Council and the Environment Agency all have Twitter accounts that notify residents when flood warnings are in place for these roads and when they will be closed. To sign up to these please search for; @Cambs_Traffic, @PeterboroughCC and @LincsOpsEA.  

The local media will often displayed information relating to these closures.

Local newspapers such as Peterborough Telegraph will share this information through their website and Twitter account (@peterboroughtel).  While local radio stations such as Heart Cambridgeshire and BBC Radio Cambridgeshire provide regular travel announcements. It is also worth monitoring local media for other articles relating to the local road network.

The Environment Agency provide the Floodline Warnings Direct service for these areas and as a regular road user you can call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 to register this location as an ‘area of interest’ so you can receive any flood warnings that are issued directly to your home and mobile phones, or by text message or even email  – whatever suits you best.