Water data

Local flood and water documents

There are a number of Local Plan planning policies in Peterborough which relate to flood and water management. 

These can be found within the Core Strategy, the City Centre Plan and the Flood and Water Management Supplementary Planning Document available to download below.

In the preparation of this several evidence base documents which are a useful reference for anyone preparing a planning application.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and Water Cycle Study

Part of the evidence base to inform the newly proposed Local Plan

Flood and Water Management Supplementary Planning Document

Originally adopted by the council in 2012 to support existing policy and provide guidance to developers and decision makers on how to manage surface water and main river flood risk.  A review of this document in March 2018 was then carried out to compliment the newly proposed Local Plan.

Peterborough Flood Risk Management Strategy (2015)

As a part of our duties under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 the council have a responsibility to develop, adopt and maintain a Flood Risk Management Strategy. 

Historic evidence base

Previously prepared evidence is available to view below, please note that these have been superseded by more recent documents listed above.

Local water information

We intend to bring together local water-related information that will help to provide an understanding of site constraints and opportunities in order to assist developers with data collation for the development of flood risk assessments and drainage strategies. 

  • Combined sewer locations - Find out where in Peterborough has combined foul and surface water sewers. The city council and Anglian Water are seeking to discourage additional discharges into combined sewers due to this increasing the risk of both foul and surface water flooding during times of heavy rainfall.
  • Critical Drainage Areas - The map of critical drainage areas is currently being updated by the council and partners and will be available soon. In the meantime please contact watermanagement@peterborough.gov.uk for additional information if required.
  • Flood risk and drainage subcatchments - Peterborough can be divided into different flood risk and drainage subcatchments based on the characteristics of the watercourse and sewer systems.
  • Green Grid strategy for Peterborough - a strategic framework and action plan for green space provision through the wider Peterborough area. Its aim is to ensure that Peterborough’s growth goes hand in hand with the protection and provision of quality green infrastructure.
  • Hawkeye - an interative mapping system which provides information about Peterborough, the council and its environment. A variety of information layers are available to view which might help with initial research about site characteristics.
  • Internal drainage boards - areas of Peterborough have an Internal Drainage Board (IDB) to manage water levels. 
  • Middle Level IDB Biodiversity Manual - a partnership of 35 drainage boards has produced guidance about how to manage waterways in a way that benefits wildlife. This may be useful to those looking for management measures which support the Water Framework Directive.
  • SuDS Infiltration Data - The British Geological Survey (BGS) has developed mapping information that can support site drainage strategies by providing information about the potential capability of a site to cope with infiltration-based sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). SuDS infiltration data for Peterborough needs to be bought directly from the British Geological Survey.
  • Water Framework Directive (WFD) online mitigation manual - The Environment Agency has developed this manual to support those needing to work on watercourses within the remit of the WFD. The manual aims to introduce mitigation measures for a range of flood risk management and land drainage activities, give detailed information on different measures and explain how these measures can be applied in practical situations.
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