Local plan: supporting information

Local Development Scheme

The purpose of the Local Development Scheme is to inform you of progress of the Local Plan. Our policies set out the timetable for the production of any remaining documents that will form part of that Local Plan, over approximately a three-year period.

Each month we publish a live upadte of the LDS timetable that sets out the current and next stages of preparation of the Local Plan. 

Local Development Scheme (LDS) August 2017

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Timetable for Production of Local Plan

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Statement of community involvement

The Peterborough Statement of Community Involvement was adopted on 7 December 2015.

It explains how we will consult residents, businesses, parish councils, community groups and all other interested parties before making decisions on planning applications and when preparing new planning documents.

Evidence base documents

An evidence base is a collection of information which demonstrates that policies are fully justified and which is used to monitor the progress of implementing those policies.

The following are key documents that form the evidence base for the emerging Peterborough Local Plan.


Five Year Land Supply Dec 2016

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Economy and Employment


Local Transport Plan 4 (April 2016)

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Natural Environment

Open Space Study (October 2016)

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Suggested Local Green Spaces Designations

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Built Environment
Water and Flood Risk
Site Allocations Evidence
Historic Evidence Bases