Peterborough is a city of opportunity with a positive future.

For it to benefit the most from the opportunities that exist and to overcome the many challenges that it faces, the council needs to look at how it provides services and also its vision and priorities.

Full Council approved the Sustainable Future City Council Strategy in October 2022. The strategy sets out how we will:

  • Deliver long-term improvements
  • Meet the changing needs of residents

Full Council also agreed a City Priorities document. It explains what we look to achieve for the city in four key areas:

  • The economy and inclusive growth
  • Places and communities
  • Prevention, independence and resilience
  • Creating a Sustainable Future City Council

Both documents are a positive vision for Peterborough. They will materialise on the huge opportunities the city presents to us.

It is also our response to the geo-political, macro and socio-economic challenges we face in the UK and in Peterborough and in the region.

We are living in very challenging times. Following the pandemic, we have a cost-of-living crisis, mainly driven by inflation and exponential price increases across all sectors. It puts further demand on council services and the impact is most felt by our communities.

The starting point is to find significant savings to achieve financial sustainability. Then, we can invest in our city’s future. We will do this by implementing an operating model which will enable us to manage demand and help and support people before they reach crisis point.

We will find new ways to tackle inequality in our communities by driving forward growth that benefits everyone.

Together with a great leadership team and members that have the ability to work cross-party, we believe in a positive future for Peterborough. One that can overcome the difficult challenges which so many other local authorities face.