About the Mayor

We elect a Mayor to serve for one year. The Mayoral year is always busy and the Mayor will attend many functions including formal civic events and the annual meeting of the council.

Councillor Chris Ash was elected as Mayor at the annual council meeting on Monday 21 May 2018.

Chris was first elected to Peterborough City Council in 1986 representing the Ravensthorpe Ward until 1994; and then for the Dogsthorpe Ward from May 2000.

Mayor Chris Ash and his wife Doreen

Chris, originally from North London, came to Peterborough to work at the Railway Station in late 1970. He worked for British Rail for almost 30 years until privatisation, He worked in various locations including Paddington when the HSTs first appeared. He worked on the East Coast electrification working with the electrification department until the railway was privatised in 1996.

After a period of time with a local company, Chris is now retired but says he doesn’t feel old enough!

He continues to be an active member of the TSSA (transport salaried staff association). He is also a trustee of the Peterborough Citizens Advice Bureau.

Chris takes a keen interest in transport and enjoys taking photos when he gets time and is also interested in model railways off all shapes and sizes including live steam and admires the variety of skills that others have.

As Mayor and Mayoress, Chris and Doreen are keen to work with individuals and local groups to encourage harmony throughout the city, to show everyone that Peterborough is a place where people want to visit and a good place to live.

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Previous Mayors of Peterborough

Previous Mayors: 1874 - 2014

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