About the Mayor

We elect a Mayor to serve for one year. The Mayoral year is always busy and the Mayor will attend many functions including formal civic events and the annual meeting of the council.

Councillor John Fox was elected as Mayor at the annual council meeting on 23 May 2017.

Councillor Fox has been a serving councillor in Peterborough since 2002. A father of four daughters, he has sat on a number of working groups and scrutiny committees.

Councillor Fox is also Peterborough’s armed forces champion, having served as a radio operator in the Royal Navy for 11 years, joining the service at the age of 15. This was followed by a career in the police force, first serving as a uniformed officer with Cambridgeshire Constabulary for 23 years and then a community police officer in Eye and Walton.

At the beginning of the year the Mayor will nominate charities which will receive the proceeds from the fundraising undertaken during the year.

This year John has chosen the following three charities:

Mayor's diary

Previous Mayors of Peterborough

Previous Mayors: 1874 - 2014

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