Joint Strategic Needs Assessments

Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs) analyse the health needs of populations to inform and guide commissioning of health, well-being and social care services within local authority areas.

The JSNA process helps identify current and future health and wellbeing needs, leading to agreed commissioning priorities that will improve outcomes and reduce health inequalities.

JSNA in Peterborough


JSNA analysis includes assessment of:

  • demography
  • social and environmental context
  • lifestyle/Risk Factors
  • burden of Ill-Health
  • current service provision and projected future requirements.

Health and Wellbeing Strategy and JSNA core dataset

JSNAs contribute towards the evidence base that informs the decisions taken by our Health and Wellbeing Board to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in Peterborough. 

You can view our current Health and Wellbeing Strategy online, the strategy is informed by the 2016 Core Data Set which provides an overview summary of the current health and wellbeing of our residents.

The below links provide access to the 2018 Joint Cambridgeshire & Peterborough JSNA Core Dataset, a presentation on key themes from this dataset delivered by our Director of Public Health, Dr Liz Robin, in February 2018 and our 2017 Peterborough JSNA Core Dataset.

A Microsoft Word version of this joint JSNA core dataset and other JSNA reports produced by the Public Health team on the Cambridgeshire County Council website.

JSNA theme reports

Cardiovascular disease JSNA

Cardiovascular Disease JSNA

Size: 2.39 MB File format: pdf

Cardiovascular Disease JSNA Summary

Size: 1.12 MB File format: pdf

Children and young people's JSNA

Policy Context and Recommendations

Size: 291.13 KB File format: pdf

Public Health England Benchmarking

Size: 309.29 KB File format: pdf

Child Health Profile

Size: 132.46 KB File format: pdf

Public Health Profile

Size: 788.69 KB File format: pdf

Diverse ethnic communities JSNA

Diverse Ethnic Communities

Size: 2.13 MB File format: pdf

Mental Health & Mental Illness of Adults of Working Age JSNA

Older People's Primary Prevention JSNA


Size: 4.74 MB File format: pdf

Transport and Health JSNA Dataset

Transport and Health JSNA Dataset

Size: 1.85 MB File format: pdf

Future reports

Further themed JSNAs will be commissioned by the Peterborough Health & Wellbeing Board at periodic intervals based on contemporaneous assessment of the health and wellbeing needs of our residents.

Summary of Themed JSNA Reports 2017

A summary of themed JSNA reports completed between 2015 and 2017 is available to view. 

JSNA reports 2015-2017

Size: 580.05 KB File format: pdf

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