Privacy Notice - Public Health Service

The council's Public Health Department has a wide range of responsibilities related to understanding and improving the health, wellbeing and care needs of local communities and ensuring that differences in health outcomes are tackled and addressed by working to improve the health of the most disadvantaged members of the community.

As such, along with all Local Authorities, we have a duty to improve the health of the population we serve. To help with this, we use data and information from a range of sources, including data collected at the registration of a birth or death or from records of hospital treatment, to understand more about the health and care needs and the population health outcomes in the our area.

The privacy notice for Public Health within Peterborough City Council, as well as other directorate-specific privacy notices and information regarding how Peterborough City Council collects, holds and uses information, are available on our Corporate Privacy Notice page.

Pseudonymisation and Anonymisation of Data

The Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council policy on using personal identifiable data for secondary use, via pseudonymisation and anonymisation.

Pseudonymisation and Anonymisation of Data Policy

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