Driving around the city

Information about driving more efficiently, car sharing and electric vehicles in Peterborough.

Car sharing

Car sharing has become an intrinsic part of the promotion of sustainable transport in Peterborough.

It’s not always possible to walk, cycle or catch the bus, so if you live too far away and don’t have a regular bus service, car sharing could be the answer. Some of the benefits or car sharing includes:

  • Economic benefits
  • Health benefits
  • Social Benefits
  • Environmental benefits

Electric Vehicles

It is widely accepted that electric vehicles (EVs) will have lower running costs, are quieter, better for the environment and simpler to repair. National government policy is encouraging a transition away from internal combustion engines and towards ultra-low emission vehicles, including EVs, over the next 20 years.

Please view Zap-map, for charging locations and EV guides. You can also download their app from the website.

View guidance for installers about the OZEV electric vehicle chargepoint and infrastructure grants.

Car charging point