Walking around the city

If you're up for a walk in the city, here's what you need. Discover Peterborough's walking options, guides, and safety tips.

Safe and easy walking

Before you get going here are a few tips to ensure that your walk is as safe and easy as possible:

  • Know where you are going: plan your journey visiting our Interactive map.
  • Leave enough time to reach your destination comfortably.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, preferably ones with thick flexible soles that cushion and support your feet.
  • Walk facing oncoming traffic if there is no footway.
  • At night, wear clothing which is bright or has reflective strips.
  • Whenever possible cross using pedestrian crossings. Otherwise find a safe place to cross where you have a clear view of the road in both directions.
  • When crossing remember to stop, look, listen – especially as cyclists approach silently.
  • If you are walking on your own make sure someone knows where you are going and when you expect to arrive.

Social walking

Look out for details of organised walks in Peterborough. Use these as a chance to challenge yourself or just to get out and about with friends and family.

Walking to school or college

Safer Journeys to School

This initiative aims to improve safety, raise awareness of travel issues and improve the environment around Peterborough schools. We aim to:

  • improve the journey to and from school
  • reduce the risks encountered on the school journey
  • increase children’s road safety awareness
  • reduce the number of pedestrian and cyclist casualties
  • reduce car use and promote alternatives such as cycling, walking and bus use.
  • promote educational links and opportunities for young people to determine changes to their own environment and travel habits.
School children in uniform

We provide school transport in Peterborough for eligible children and young people. They can get bus passes or use approved transport providers. To check your eligibility visit our school transport page.

You can also ask your school if there is a 'walking bus' available, or volunteer to set one up. The 'walking bus' involves children walking with adult volunteers. One adult leads, the other follows, picking up children along the way from designated stops.

Walking bus