Invoices & payments

Purchase orders

We operate a purchase order payment system which is reliant on a purchase order number matching your invoice. In order to ensure that we pay you fast and efficiently, you must:

  • request a purchase order number, which are raised by council staff
  • be in possession of a purchase order number before you provide goods, works or services to us
  • when you invoice us, you must quote the purchase order number so that it can be matched to the order and subsequently paid to you.

Please do not accept any orders from the council without a purchase order number. Any such orders are likely to cause lengthy delays in payment and at worse, be invalid. It is important that you understand this.


Supplier invoices must be addressed as follows and sent to:

Peterborough City Council
PO Box 1419
Bittern Way
Fletton Quays


email invoices to:


  • Our standard terms of payment are 30 days from the date of invoice
  • preferred method of payment is by BACS transfer
  • provide your bank account details and an email address for the remittance advice to be sent to.