Supply opportunities

The Council currently spends around £100 million on the procurement of services works and goods each year. Effective procurement of these is seen as absolute key to securing the services, works and goods required to meet the changing needs of users and citizens and the achievement of Best Value. 

We are required to work to EU procurement directives applying to contracts above given thresholds:

  • services and supplies over £181,302
  • works over £4,551,431.

Accessing SourceDogg

To find out more about being a supplier to the council and registering for SourceDogg or to login to your account, visit the Supplier registration and login page

Local suppliers guide

We recognise the important contribution that small businesses can make in delivering public services and the vital role these businesses play in the local Peterborough economy, thus supporting the commissioning-led approach. 

Local supplier guide

Size: 911.10 KB File format: pdf

The local supplier guide is designed to help local businesses understand how the council makes procurement decisions and support the participation of those local businesses in appropriate procurement activities.

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