Subject Access Requests

The council has a duty under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to provide individuals with access to information that it holds about you.

Under Article 15 of the GDPR, you have the right to request access to personal information held about you by the council. This type of request is called a subject access request or ‘SAR’. For example, you are able to submit a subject access request to us if

  • you are or have previously been a looked after child in the care of Peterborough City Council, 
  • are a current or former employee of the council,
  • or would like access to information held by the various departments across the council (council tax, housing benefit, electoral register, parking etc.),

Accessing your personal information

For a subject access request to be considered as valid, it must include your name, address and a description of the information that you wish to see. You may make a subject access request to us verbally by telephone or in person, however, we will always write to you to and ask you to confirm that we have understood and interpreted your request correctly to ensure you receive the information you require.

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To assist you with making an application, and to ensure you include all the details we may need to locate the information you require, there is a form available for you to download and complete.

  • Please send your completed form, together with the relevant proof of identity to the Information Manager at the address shown on the form.

Please note: there is no charge for processing a subject access request application. However, where the request is manifestly unfounded or excessive, we may charge a reasonable fee for the administrative costs of complying with your request. If a fee is applicable you will be advised accordingly.

  • We will check your application form and identity documents and will contact you if any further information is required. You will receive an acknowledgement that your request has been accepted.

  • Once your request has been completed, your documentation will be disclosed to you within one month as specified in the GDPR.

  • If it has been necessary to redact information which we are unable to disclose to you, an explanation will be provided with your documentation.

Please note: Subject access only gives the applicant a right of access to their own information and not that of third party individuals.

Requests for information about a person other than yourself will usually be rejected, except for the following circumstances:

  • Someone with parental responsibility may request information about a child under 12 years of age, however there is no automatic right to the data and the information of a child who is not old enough to access their own information is released to someone with parental responsibility only when it is considered that it is in the child’s best interests to do so.
  • Legal representatives may request information on behalf of their client, however the request will only be accepted with proof of their client’s written consent and proof of their identity.

Obtaining access to other files

  • Health files: Please speak to the health professional involved with your care.  

  • Education files: Please write to the head teacher of the relevant school. 

  • Adoption files: Please contact the Adoption & Fostering Team, Children’s Services via 01733 747474

  • Court documents: We are unable to release any paperwork issued by the court, or that is in relation to court matters.

Further Help

If you are unsure whether the information you require falls under a subject access request, please contact the Information Governance Team on 01733 452533 or email