Cabinet members

The Cabinet is responsible for running the Council services and ensuring best value is delivered, implementing policies and delivering services, approving new policies other than major policies, playing a leadership role within and generally promoting the economic, environmental and social well-being of the city.

Current members

Councillor John Holdich OBE

Leader of the Council and Deputy Mayor of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority

Councillor Holdich provides the political leadership for the council and is responsible for the council’s overall strategic direction, programme and performance. He represents the council locally and nationally, including as Deputy Mayor of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority.

Councillor Holdich also leads and oversees how the council communicates with its residents, staff and other organisations and is responsible for city centre management including parking, cultural services and promoting the city as an attractive visitor destination.

Councillor Wayne Fitzgerald

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Integrated Adult Social Care and Health

Councillor Fitzgerald is responsible for the adult social care functions of the council, including adult protection, assessment, mental health services, learning disabilities, integrated equipment and enablement. He is also the lead representative on strategic bodies for adult social care including the Health and Wellbeing Board and any other joint boards that may be established.

Councillor Lynne Ayres

Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and University

Councillor Ayres is the council’s lead for education and lifelong learning. She oversees school improvement, the management of the city’s schools and higher education provision including delivering a dedicated university for Peterborough. Cllr Ayres also holds responsibility for community education and promoting the educational attainment of children in care and ensuring there is educational provision for young people aged 16 to 25 with learning difficulties or disabilities. She also leads on youth services and careers advice for young people wanting help with the next steps in their education, training or employment.

Cllr. Cav. Gr. Uff. Marco Cereste OMRI OSSI

Cabinet Member for Waste and Street Scene

Councillor Cereste is responsible for planning and overseeing how the city’s future waste is managed including the day to day refuse collections, recycling and disposal. He also oversees street cleansing, public conveniences and graffiti as well as maintenance of our parks, play areas and green open spaces.

He is also responsible for the cemeteries, crematoria, registrar and coroners service, as well as Westcombe Engineering. Further, Councillor Cereste will also have responsibility for organising delivery of the above noted services.

Councillor Peter Hiller

Cabinet Member for Growth, Planning, Housing and Economic Development

Councillor Hiller is responsible for planning (development control, strategic planning and strategic growth), highways, transport and traffic orders as well as housing including homelessness and ensuring adequate supply. He is also the lead member for attracting external funding to aid economic prosperity and regeneration of the city, as well as leading on business engagement and development.

He is the council representative at national, regional and local forums to promote the city as a centre for business growth and has further responsibility for the work of Digital Peterborough in support of our Smart Cities ambition. Councillor Hiller leads the council’s Environment Capital work, ensuring all policy decisions are tailored to encouraging cleaner and greener living in the city.

Councillor Diane Lamb

Cabinet Member for Public Health

Councillor Lamb is responsible for the public health functions of the council, including the council’s duty to improve and protect the health of Peterborough residents, tackle health inequalities and provide public health advice to the local NHS. She is also lead member for public health on the Health and Wellbeing Board.

Councillor David Seaton

Cabinet Member for Resources

Councillor Seaton has overall responsibility for the council’s budget including the capital building programme, leading the annual budget process and preparation of annual accounts. He is responsible for overseeing improvement to the council ensuring it is as efficient and effective as possible and provides best value for taxpayers’ money. He is responsible for corporate management of the council, all corporate resources including buildings such as the Town Hall, council staff by overseeing the human resources service, the call centre, corporate procurement, internal modernisation of ICT and benefits.

Councillor Sam Smith

Cabinet Member for Children’s Services

Councillor Smith is the lead member for children’s services with political responsibility for the leadership, strategy and effectiveness of children’s services. She also has responsibility for leading, promoting and creating opportunities with local partners, such as health, police, schools, housing services, early years, youth justice, probation, higher and further education and employers, to improve the wellbeing of children and looked after people.

Councillor Irene Walsh

Cabinet Member for Communities

Councillor Walsh has responsibility for neighbourhood and community support including community cohesion, community safety and drugs prevention and targeted youth services including the Youth Offending Service and provision for adolescents and those not in education, employment or training. She also oversees the work of the Prevention and Enforcement Service which brings together staff from the council, police and fire service, has responsibility for rural communities and leads on environmental protection and food safety.

Councillor Howard Fuller

Cabinet Advisor for Commercial Strategy and Investments

Councillor Fuller will have responsibility of working with the Cabinet to develop a commercial and investment strategy for the Council in order to maximise the use of scarce Council resources. Furthermore, he will have responsibility for advising the Cabinet on existing and future commercial investment activities, on how to develop a commercial “culture” and also on the development of new (and growth in) existing income streams which will generate surplus funds to invest in services.

Councillor Steve Allen

Cabinet Advisor to the Leader

Councillor Allen advises and supports the Leader on city centre management including CCTV, fairs and markets and off-street parking, culture and recreation including the council’s partnership with Vivacity and internal and external communications.

Further information

The Council appoints the Leader of the Council (usually a member of the group with the political majority) and he or she appoints up to nine other Councillors (usually of the same political group as the Leader) to serve with the Leader on the Cabinet. One of the Cabinet Members is appointed Deputy Leader. The Cabinet Members assume responsibility for different key areas of local governance. 

The responsibility for decisions has transferred to the Council's Executive which consists of the Cabinet and individual Cabinet members. Decisions made by the Executive will be posted on this site within two days of them being made and are called Executive Decisions.

The leader publishes a rolling programme outlining the 'key decisions' likely to be taken over the next few months. This is called the Notice of Intention to take Key Decisions (previously Forward Plan)

The delegated functions for Cabinet and Cabinet Members can be seen in the Executive Functions section (part 3 section 3) of the Council’s constitution.

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