Community leadership fund


The purpose of the Community Leadership Fund is to enable elected members seek support for projects that will have positive impacts on projects within their wards.

Each Councillor has been allocated £1,000 to spend each financial year on neighbourhood projects. 

The funding must be spent on capital projects.

Examples of Community Leadership Fund projects

The following are some examples of the sort of projects that would qualify: 

  • Improving open spaces
  • Improving accessibility to community facilities, for example providing signs, the creation of ramps for disabled access or the provision of automatic door openers. Improvements to parking, e.g. setting out parking spaces
  • Investing in community buildings, for example the provision of a new heating system, kitchen, shed or storage facility. The installation of energy efficiency measures or the upgrading of toilets and changing areas
  • The refurbishment and / or replacement of playground equipment, play areas, skateboard facilities
  • Enhancing accessibility to open spaces, for example improvements to footpaths / trails, the provision of signs, the installation of a bench or litter bin
  • Projects to encourage the re-use of household items, for example the provision of local recycling sites
  • Projects linked to environmental sustainability, for example community composting schemes
  • Improving road safety, for example the provision of road signs
  • A wildlife garden / vegetable patch at a school
  • Securing a piece of land to develop into a community orchard or allotment
  • The installation of art to improve public space establishing a sense of place and local identity 

The funds cannot be used for general repairs, redecoration or maintenance projects.

How to make an application to the Community Leadership Fund

Applications for funding should be made by councillors on the application form and sent to

The application will be reviewed and councillors advised whether their request is in accordance with the criteria. The Corporate Director of Growth and Regeneration will sign off the funding applications at the end of each month and councillors will be notified accordingly.

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Breakdown of Community Leadership Fund spend

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