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Biodiversity and ecology

Peterborough supports a number of distinctive landscapes and rich mosaic of habitats including woodland, parkland, limestone grassland, river valleys and wetlands. Most of which are easily accessible from the City Centre, creating a unique area where urban and nature mix. This mix creates large amounts of valuable biodiversity, which we all benefit from.

Biodiversity is the “wealth of wildlife” incorporating both rare and common species and habitats; all of which play a vital role in ecosystems. A healthy ecosystem can provide a variety of ecosystem services such as soil formation, nutrient recycling, climate regulation, flood control and social benefits such as education, recreation and tourism. Biodiversity also has an intrinsic value which we have a responsibility to protect for future generations.


Below is a series of links discussing how the Planning Service and local communities support the local Peterborough biodiversity so the natural world can continue providing valuable ecosystem services to us.