Flood Risk Management Strategy

The aims of the Flood Risk Management Strategy (FMS) are:

  • To confirm and raise awareness of the risk and management of flooding in Peterborough
  • To set out a plan of action to tackle local issues and opportunities
  • To take a holistic and partnership approach to flood risk management, considering other elements of water and environmental management that are affected or can be improved
  • To co-ordinate partner actions to ensure projects and schemes are as efficient as possible and that joint funding opportunities are sought

The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 only requires that our strategy considers flood risk from surface water, groundwater and smaller watercourses (the types of flood risk management that the city council is responsible for co-ordinating).

However we are working with other organisations to consider all sources of flood risk, as we think this will be more useful for everyone. The FMS is therefore a partnership plan containing actions from a wide range of partners, including the Environment Agency, Anglian Water and Peterborough's Internal Drainage Boards.

Under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 we need to develop, adopt and maintain a Flood Risk  Management Strategy for the council area.

Reviewing the FMS Action Plan

The FMS Action Plan will be reviewed regularly. Updated versions will be available online on an annual basis and bythe end of December each year, starting December 2016.

Adopted Flood Risk Management Strategy

Adopted Flood Risk Management Strategy

Size: 4.66 MB File format: pdf

FMS Appendix A - Landscape Areas

Size: 2.00 MB File format: pdf

FMS Appendix B - Introduction to the Fens

Size: 441.89 KB File format: pdf

FMS Appendix C - Internal Drainage Board Areas

Size: 2.73 MB File format: pdf

FMS Appendix D - Risky Calculation Methodology

Size: 133.02 KB File format: pdf

FMS Appendix F - Completed Actions 2015

Size: 133.41 KB File format: pdf

FMS Appendix G - Flood Incident Notification Form

Size: 180.22 KB File format: pdf

FMS Action Plan Summary

Size: 169.78 KB File format: pdf

Previous stages of consultation

The Strategic Environmental Assessment scoping report and appendices is available on request, please contact us.

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