Levelling Up Fund


Peterborough City Council is seeking bids from organisations wishing to deliver projects as part of the Levelling up Fund, a £4 billion government funded programme announced in the budget to invest in regeneration, culture and transport schemes across local authorities in the UK.

Peterborough has been identified as one of 123 Priority 1 (from 3) areas for investment by government.

The Government is interested in bids that deliver visible impact, and project proposals that align with long-term strategic plans for local growth and regeneration. Bids for Peterborough should be located within MP Paul Bristow or MP Shailesh Vara’s constituencies.

What the Levelling Up Fund is for

The first round of the Fund will focus on three themes: smaller transport projects that make a genuine difference to local areas; town centre and high street regeneration; and support for maintaining and expanding the UK’s world-leading portfolio of cultural and heritage assets, in particular:

  1. Transport investments including (but not limited to) public transport, active travel, bridge repairs, bus priority lanes, local road improvements and major structural maintenance, and accessibility improvements. We are requesting proposals for high-impact small, medium and by exception larger local transport schemes to reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality, cut congestion, support economic growth and improve the experience of transport users.
  2. Regeneration and town centre investment, building on the Towns Fund framework to upgrade eyesore buildings and dated infrastructure, acquire and regenerate brownfield sites, invest in secure community infrastructure and crime reduction, and bring public services and safe community spaces into town and city centres.
  3. Cultural investment maintaining, regenerating, or creatively repurposing museums, galleries, visitor attractions (and associated green spaces) and heritage assets as well as creating new community-owned spaces to support the arts and serve as cultural spaces

How to bid

Before starting your bid, please read the Levelling Up Fund prospectus available online. The prospectus provides detailed information on the objectives of the Fund, the types of projects it intends to support and how it operates, including the process and selection criteria that will be used to assess bids.

Further guidance is available in the Technical Notes and summary information as it relates to the bidding process is provided in the following presentation below.

LUF bid presentation291KBpdf
Size: 291KBFile format: pdf

Make your bid

When you are ready, please submit an Expression of Interest form online.

The deadline for submitting EOI will be 10 May 2021 at 9am. Shortlisted bids will be advised to fill out a longer, government application form thereafter. For Round 1 bids this more detailed application form will be required by 14 June 2021.