Coronavirus (COVID-19) Campaign materials

We have created this campaign page to provide local communities, organisations and services with coronavirus campaign materials. Please share these posters, videos, audio clips, and social media messages to encourage people to do the simple things to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.


These posters are to promote handwashing guidance as per the NHS and Public Health England guidelines. Please use these posters where appropriate:

Hands - Face - Space Poster80KBpdf
Size: 80KBFile format: pdf
Coronavirus poster - English870KBpdf
Size: 870KBFile format: pdf
Handwashing guidance poster162KBpdf
Size: 162KBFile format: pdf
Got symptoms Get tested now718KBpdf
Size: 718KBFile format: pdf
Got symptoms Get tested now1860KBpdf
Size: 860KBFile format: pdf
Stay Alert - Poster61KBpdf
Size: 61KBFile format: pdf
Symptoms poster2 A4541KBpdf
Size: 541KBFile format: pdf
Handwashing remains critcal110KBpdf
Size: 110KBFile format: pdf
Keep a safe distance157KBpdf
Size: 157KBFile format: pdf
Keep working from home131KBpdf
Size: 131KBFile format: pdf
I wear this to protect you259KBpdf
Size: 259KBFile format: pdf
Keeping apart keeps us safe289KBpdf
Size: 289KBFile format: pdf

Social media images

You can use these images with your tweets and Facebook posts.

Right click on the image to save it and then share it.

Stay home. Protect the NHS. Save lives
Act like you've got it
Don't accidentally spread it
Stay home protect the nhs sav lives
Stay home save lives
Got symptoms or tested positive? You must self-isolate for 10 days
hands face space - we must keep on protecting each other
Stay alert message - twitter
Stay alert to the risk of infection
Got symptoms? Get tested now
Got symptoms? Get tested now
Social media banner for Coronavirus advice
Social media banner for Coronavirus advice
Stay alert banner message - horizontal
Stay alert to stay safe
Stay alert to the risk of infection
Stay alert to keep R down
Symptoms email signature1
Symptoms email signature2
Twitter banner for Coronavirus advice
Twitter banner
I'm getting a test now
Stay alert - keep to the rules to keep the rate of infection date
Wear face coverings in all shops
Stay alert - the more we stick to the rules the more the rate of infection will fall
Stay alert - hand hygiene
Stay alert face covering
Stay alert - home made face coverings
How to make your own face covering in a minute
Stay alert means working from home if you can
Stay alert means avoiding public transport
Stay alert to stay safe
Stay alert exercise
Stay alert travel
Stay alert shopping
Stay alert work
Wear a face covering on the bus
Wear a face covering on the train
Wear a face covering on the Tube
I wear this face covering to protect you
Wear a face covering when shopping if you can
Limit contact with others
Keep working from home
Handwashing remains critical
Keep a safe distance
Keeping apart keeps us safe
At home shouldn't mean at risk campaign facebook image
Keep caring campaign - Caring is staying and buying local
Keep caring campaign - caring is being considerate - rubbish destroys our countryside and puts those who clear it up at risk
Keep caring campaign - caring is being responsible - isolate if you've got symptoms, or been close to someone who has
Keep caring campaign - Caring is covering your face. Even with no symptoms you might still spread the virus
Keep caring campaign - caring is washing your hands regularly, and when you enter or leave a new place

Stop Covid in its tracks

Washing your hands six times a day can reduc your risk of transmission by 36%
Hand sanitisers need to be at least 60% alcohol to destroy the virus
Covering your face well can cut your risk of spreading Covid
The overwhelming majority of people in your community are staying home to save lives. Are you?
Proud to stay home
Proud to stay home

Videos in community languages

We have worked with people across our communities to translate important information into other languages. The translations are available in video format on YouTube.


Rapid testing

January lockdown

Self-isolation support

What you do in your free time impacts your job

Posters in community languages

Coronavirus poster - Afrikaans1.39MBpdf
Size: 1.39MBFile format: pdf
Coronavirus poster - Arabic1.42MBpdf
Size: 1.42MBFile format: pdf
Coronavirus poster - Latvian894KBpdf
Size: 894KBFile format: pdf
Coronavirus poster - Mandarin372KBpdf
Size: 372KBFile format: pdf
Coronavirus poster - Polish901KBpdf
Size: 901KBFile format: pdf
Coronavirus poster - Russian366KBpdf
Size: 366KBFile format: pdf
Coronavirus poster - Slovak882KBpdf
Size: 882KBFile format: pdf
Coronavirus poster - Spanish369KBpdf
Size: 369KBFile format: pdf
Coronavirus poster - Turkish890KBpdf
Size: 890KBFile format: pdf
Coronavirus poster - Urdu915KBpdf
Size: 915KBFile format: pdf

Alternative formats - British Sign Language (BSL) versions of social media resources

Including signed versions of TV and social media resources. Please not that Braille versions can be ordered from

Please help us to share them as widely as you can, helping to reinforce the message that people must stay at home unless for the reasons set out by Government.

Further information

For further information or to obtain individual images, please email or