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Apply to join the Housing Register

Waiting time for processing applications

There are currently delays in processing Housing Register applications. We process cases in chronological order and will contact you about the outcome of your application.

The Housing Register exists to include all people who need re-housing on one register. Our scheme offers choice, while giving reasonable preference to those in the greatest housing need.

Please note that the Housing Register is not a quick or guaranteed resolution of your housing need. We advise you look for private rented accommodation for a quicker solution that fits your bedroom need.

Waiting times for a home

In Peterborough, the level of demand for social housing exceeds supply.

Most applicants face a wait of several years for a new home. Many people have told us that if they had realised how long the wait would be, they would have considered other options, including the private rental sector, when they first applied.

As of autumn 2023, the average waiting time for a two or three bedroom home is two and a half years if you're in Band One priority.

Your priority on the Housing Register influences how long you must wait for a home. Those in a higher band will wait less time than those in a lower priority band. You may struggle to receive a home if you're in a lower priority band.

Number of Housing Register applicants waiting for a home

As of September 2023, the total number of applicants on the Housing Register waiting for a home = 2,558

  • Number of applicants waiting for a one bedroom home = 1,026
  • Number of applicants waiting for two bedroom home = 758
  • Number of applicants waiting for three bedroom home = 567
  • Number of applicants waiting for four bedroom home = 168
  • Number of applicants waiting for five bedroom home = 34
  • Number of applicants waiting for six bedroom home = 2
  • Number of applicants waiting for seven bedroom home = 3

If you're a landlord who can help us to house families, please visit our Landlord Incentive Scheme page.

Number of properties advertised between July and September 2023

Week beginning:

03/07/2023 = 13
10/07/2023 = 16
17/07/2023 = 18
24/07/2023 = 14
31/07/2023 = 6
07/08/2023 = 16
14/08/2023 = 6
21/08/2023 = 17
28/08/2023 = 7
04/09/2023 = 16
11/09/2023 = 13
18/09/2023 = 7
25/09/2023 = 13

Total = 162 properties

Average number of bids per property between July and September 2023

Week beginning:

03/07/2023 = 136
10/07/2023 = 214
17/07/2023 = 171
24/07/2023 = 178
31/07/2023 = 98
07/08/2023 = 247
14/08/2023 = 138
21/08/2023 = 175
28/08/2023 = 79
04/09/2023 = 150
11/09/2023 = 73
18/09/2023 = 147
25/09/2023 = 132

Housing Register process

The steps and waiting times between applying for and receiving a home:

  • We receive your application to join the Housing Register. After receiving your documents, we assess your application under our Housing Allocations Policy.

  • If you meet the eligibility criteria set out in our policy, we will make you a 'live applicant'. You then receive a banding priority and bedroom entitlement.

  • You can then search and bid for properties through our Choice Based Lettings Scheme. This part of the process may take between two and six years. It depends on your banding priority, bedroom entitlement and supply and demand for homes. You may find that hundreds of people bid on one home.

What to expect as a social housing tenant

While you consider whether to apply, you should learn what you can expect as a social housing tenant.

If you are successful in finding a home through our scheme, you must pay rent and bills yourself. Most of the homes come unfurnished, uncarpeted and without appliances.

Read more on our social housing pre-tenancy information page, including:

  • Costs involved in running a home
  • Your rights and responsibilities as a new tenant
  • What you can expect from your home
  • What could happen if you breach your tenancy
  • Budgeting advice

Apply to join the Housing Register

You need to complete our online form to join the Housing Register.

On the form, we list the documents we may ask you to provide during the application process. Please have these documents available.

We are currently processing applications submitted seven months ago. Please take this into consideration when contacting us to check if we have processed your application yet.

You will receive a notification once we have processed your application. It will confirm if your application is successful or if we have assessed you as non-qualifying.

Direct contact with a Housing Officer is only possible through our telephone call-back service or pre-booked appointment. Our Housing Officers are not located on-site daily.

If you visit a Peterborough City Council office without a pre-booked appointment, our reception staff will ask you to leave a contact phone number for our Housing Team's call-back service. 

There is no drop-in service available.

01733 864 064 - Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Further information

If an applicant doesn't have internet access or needs help to apply, please call us:

01733 864 064 - Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Examples of some changes of circumstance include, but are not limited to:

  • Change of address
  • People joining or leaving the household
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Any other material change in circumstances which will affect your housing application

Please log into your Housing Jigsaw account to change any information on your application. You may need to upload further documentation to support your claim.

We will carry out another housing needs assessment based on your new circumstances. If we need any further information, we will contact you.

You can request a review of your Housing Register application if you feel we have incorrectly assessed your circumstances.

Rent deposit assistance from us is only available to applicants who fulfil one of these three criteria:

  • Applicant is assessed as homeless after a housing assessment appointment with a Housing Needs Officer
  • Applicant is threatened with homelessness with proof of eviction notice confirmed by a Housing Needs Officer
  • Applicant is moving from approved supported accommodation, referred by the registered provider

Further guidance:

We operate and maintain the Housing Register on behalf of the Peterborough Homes Partnership (PHP).

The PHP is a partnership between us and ten housing associations who have accommodation in Peterborough. We don't have any council-owned housing stock.

We allocate social housing provided by the housing associations through a jointly operated Choice Based Lettings Scheme

The ten housing associations in the PHP include:

  • Accent
  • BPHA
  • Clarion
  • Cross Keys Homes
  • Home Group
  • Hyde
  • Longhurst Group
  • Muir
  • Riverside ECHG
  • Sage

Find more information on the Peterborough Homes Partnership in our Housing Allocations Policy.

Support with the cost of living

Visit our support with the cost of living page where you can find information on:

  • Household Support Fund – a fund to help with food and utility bills
  • Healthy Happy Holidays – provides food and activities for children eligible for benefit related free school meals
  • The Government’s Help for Households campaign – find out how to support your income, get help with costs of energy, childcare and transport

Advice on private renting

Visit the Shelter website where you can find advice on:

  • Finding a home with a private landlord
  • Paying rent and other costs
  • Rental agreements
  • Problems during a tenancy
  • What to do when you leave 

Housing Benefit and Council Tax support

Visit our Housing Benefit and Council Tax support page. to find information on how to apply for:

  • Housing Benefit
  • Council Tax support
  • Universal Credit
  • Discretionary Housing Payment (extra help with rent costs)

Check your benefit entitlement using the Better Off Calculator website.

Financial guarantor

If you need a financial guarantor, visit the following websites for information:

Help to manage finances

  • MoneyHelper website - guidance and tools to help make your money and pension choices clearer
  • Salvation Army - has a Debt Advice Centre in Peterborough. They can help you get a handle on what you owe and make a debt repayment plan.

Energy advice 

The Local Energy Advice Partnership (LEAP) is a free energy and money saving advice service.

You may be eligible for the LEAP service if you:

  • Have a low income
  • Receive tax credits
  • Receive Housing Benefit
  • Receive an income or disability related benefit
  • Have a long term illness or disability


These websites are not endorsed by Peterborough City Council. Whilst every care has been taken in compiling the information, Peterborough City Council is not responsible for the information published on these websites that are suggested for financial guidance purposes.

In Peterborough, the level of demand for social housing exceeds supply. We have a high number of applicants on the Housing Register. There are long waiting times for social housing.

We encourage applicants to consider other options.


Please note the following websites are not endorsed by Peterborough City Council. Whilst we have taken every care in compiling the information, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information published on these websites.

Be wary of property listings which have a lower than the market price value for what is offered, bearing in mind their location, as well as those that seem too good to be true.

Ensure you or a trusted party inspects the property before committing to any paperwork or payments. All rental or lease agreements entered into that are not secured by Peterborough City Council are done so at your own risk.

Private rental sector

Private renting is one option you could consider. It may help you to find a suitable home quicker.

The following websites advertise rental properties.

View the How to Rent Checklist on the GOV.UK website for private renting.

Apply for housing in another area

You could apply to another council area or directly to housing associations. Their wait times may be longer than the Peterborough Housing Register.

When applying for another council area, you may need to have a local connection to the area.

Social housing properties – alternative size 

If you are a Housing Register applicant already housed in social housing through a Registered Social Landlord but would like an alternative sized property due to a change in circumstances, we suggest you register with HomeSwapper or House Exchange. You can work with your Registered Social Landlord to facilitate a move.

Most of the social housing properties won't come equipped with white goods. You will have to source your own appliances. 


These websites are not endorsed by Peterborough City Council. Whilst every care has been taken in compiling the information, Peterborough City Council is not responsible for the information published on these websites. These websites are offered for guidance purposes.

Peterborough City Council has a smart flat in Stanground. Professionals, council staff and the public can view a range of Technology Enabled Care products in a home environment.

Arrange a visit:

This technology can help people to remain safe and independent in their home. Examples of technology include:

  • Home activity sensors
  • Grab rails
  • Medication prompts
  • Pendant alarms
  • Door alarms