Choice Based Lettings

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update:

The Housing Register: We will be accepting new online applications from 22 June 2020.

Choice Based Lettings: Following a relaxation of the Covid-19 social distancing restrictions, we have re-launched Choice Based Lettings and now have properties advertised.

What’s changed

  • Some CKH properties will now be advertised for a much shorter period and will be online only. These homes will appear at any time during the week and will be advertised for 24 hours before the advert closes
  • The remaining properties will be advertised through our traditional method of a weekly edition

Don’t miss out

  • As we will now be running two different processes, we don’t want you to miss out on any properties that you might be eligible for. Therefore, we’ve lifted the restriction to allow you to bid for more than one property. (Please note: if you are shortlisted applicant number 1 you will not be considered for any other properties until the viewing lettings process has been completed)

Did you know?

  • You can set up a saved search on the website so you are emailed when a property is added that matches your criteria. This saves you from having to check the website daily.

Homelessness - Home owners and private renters: Recently the government announced a suspension on all evictions for at least the next 3 months. If you have recently received a notice to quit or possession order which is due to expire during this 3 months you no do need to leave. It's important to remember this is only a suspension of possession action and it may be that your mortgage company or landlord commence action again after the suspension is lifted.Private renters - this is not a 3 month payment holiday and you still need to ensure your rent is paid. If you have experienced a drop income as a result of recent events please ensure you seek advice from the DWP to see if you're able to get assistance with Universal Credit.

Homelessness - From friends or family: We are under great pressure to ensure that we have sufficient provision available to support our most vulnerable in society with accommodation and as demands increase on the health system there is a good chance we will be asked to assist in supporting early discharges from hospital to free up hospital beds. We need your support with this and we expect you to remain staying with your friends and family that you have been previously.

Prison leavers: The prison resettlement service or probation service should refer anyone who will have no accommodation on release from prison via our ALERT referral system and we will be in touch. Please only use this system if your client is going to be homeless and has no accommodation or family/friends they are able to stay with on release.

Rough sleeping: We are still offering a service to rough sleepers and our outreach team have been working with our rough sleeping community.If you or know of anyone who is rough sleeping and in need of accommodation please contact us as detailed above.

If you become homeless and have no where to stay tonight please contact us on 01733 864064 between 9 til 5 Monday - Friday except on Wednesdays when we open at 11. If you are homeless outside of these hours please call our out of hours service on 01733 864157.

Updated: 25 June 2020


Peterborough City Council's Housing Needs team has a common Housing Register and a joint allocations policy which was agreed in partnership with ten housing associations who have accommodation in Peterborough.

Find out more about how to join the Housing Register.

Choice Based Lettings is a way of allocating social housing. It gives people seeking accommodation with a social landlord the choice of the type of property and area of the city they would like to live.

Properties that become available through housing associations in the Peterborough Homes partnership are advertised through the Choice Based Lettings scheme and the Peterborough Homes Housing Jigsaw website.

The Peterborough Homes/Housing Jigsaw website

It’s likely you already have online accounts with other organisations - like your bank, your energy supplier and any websites you use for online shopping. The Peterborough Homes Housing Jigsaw website will be your online account with Peterborough City Council.

Through the Housing Jigsaw website you are able to:

  • view your housing register application
  • inform us of changes to your circumstances
  • see the number of bedrooms you are eligible for
  • see your banding priority
  • find out if you have been awarded additional preference
  • browse and bid on available properties

Please note: In order to provide housing solutions as efficiently as possible, we do not accept paper applications. 

Whilst improvements to the Peterborough Homes Housing Jigsaw website will be welcome news for many residents, we appreciate that there will be a small number who will need help and support to navigate the new system.

If you need assistance, you could ask the person who currently bids on your behalf, this may be a family member, friend or support worker. Alternatively, our customer service centre on Bridge Street provides computers that are free to use and trained staff who can help you.

If you have any questions, please contact the Housing Needs team by emailing us at

Adverts for properties

Adverts are released weekly on a Tuesday and the edition closes on the following Sunday at midnight. If you have a live application on the Housing Register you can express interest (place a bid) on the property which you would like to be considered for. 

The advert for the properties will include the following information:

  • property type
  • how many bedrooms it has
  • whether it has central heating and double glazing
  • who the landlord is
  • how much the weekly rent will be
  • whether the property is close to shops or bus routes
  • any local lettings policies.

You will find the Peterborough Homes properties advertised:

Search and bid for a property

When your application has been approved, you can search for and bid for properties on the Peterborough Homes Housing Jigsaw website. You may bid for one property per week.

Before you place a bid on a property, please make sure that the property meets your bedroom requirements.

Once logged into the Housing Jigsaw customer portal click on ‘Search for a home’. You can click on a property to see more details. If you wish to bid simply click the ‘Place bid’ button. You will be asked to confirm your contact details are correct before confirming your bid.

Common reasons why you may be unable to bid

  1. Your application status is not 'Live' - You can check the status of your application in your customer portal after clicking on "Housing Register"
    • If your status is 'Proofs outstanding' - You need to upload the documents listed in the 'Things you need to supply' section.
    • If your status is 'Pending assessment' - We are currently assessing your application. Normally this process takes 28 days but can take longer when we are experiencing high levels of demand on our housing needs service.
  2. You have made changes to your application recently - If you have made changes recently, when you view a property a red banner may be displayed at the top of the page.
    • We need to review these changes in case it impacts your eligibility or banding priority. Normally this process takes 10 working days but can take longer when we are experiencing high levels of demand on our housing needs service.
  3. Your bid has already been used
    • In accordance with the Peterborough Homes Allocations Policy, customers, are allowed to bid on one property per week. Your bid can be removed and placed on another advertised property to see how this affects your shortlisting position.
    • If you have a homelessness application with this council and a full duty has been accepted in relation to your homelessness case, resulting in your application being placed in band 1 ACAH our system will automatically bid on your behalf. 
    • You can remove any bid in your 'My Bids' area of your customer portal. 
    • If you remove an automated bid and do not place a bid of your own, the system will place an automated bid again on your behalf before bidding ends on Sunday. This is to help rehouse homeless clients who we have a full housing duty to and are categorised into Band 1 ACAH. As there is an urgent need to rehouse homeless households into more suitable accommodation as soon as possible, homeless clients are therefore only provided with one reasonable offer of accommodation. 

Change your details or inform us of a change in your circumstances

If you have already registered for the Peterborough Homes Housing Jigsaw website and completed an application for the Housing Register and need to change your details or advise of us a change in your housing circumstances, you can do so by logging in to your account on the Housing Jigsaw website.

Any changes made will be verified by a member of staff within 10 working days. During this time you may not be able to bid for properties.

Pre-tenancy Online Learning Course

To help you to successfully maintain a tenancy, some housing providers have made the completion of a pre-tenancy training course a requirement for accessing their rental properties.

Take part in our new Pre-tenancy Online Learning Course.