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Housing Allocations Policy

We adopted a new Housing Allocations Policy for Peterborough in March 2022.

The policy explains how we work in partnership with Registered Social Landlords to allocate social housing through Peterborough Homes, a jointly operated Choice Based Lettings Scheme. The policy determines our priorities and the procedures we follow.

You can also find information in the policy on:

  • Operation of the Housing Register
  • Joining the Housing Register
  • Eligibility and qualifying persons
  • Information required to register
  • How we process applications
  • How we assess and prioritise applications

Allocation policies of Peterborough Registered Social Landlords

The Registered Social Landlords are part of the Peterborough Homes Partnership (PHP). They have their own allocation policies. These are different to, and in addition to, our own Housing Allocations Policy.

A Peterborough Registered Social Landlord may assess that an applicant doesn't meet the criteria of their own individual allocations policy. If this happens, they will contact the applicant to explain why. They will also advise of an appeals process.

Links to policies on their websites: