Banding system


When you apply to join the housing register, your application is assessed and placed into one of 5 bands.

Which band you join is decided by an officer following an assessment of your current housing circumstances.

Please note: only applications who are aged over 55 will be accepted on to the housing register if they meet the criteria detailed in bands 4 and 5. In addition, they will only be eligible to be considered for sheltered accommodation. Subject to Housing Association policies.

Band one

  • Applicant or a member of their household has an overriding medical priority and whose property has been assessed by the councils private sector housing team who have identified category 1 hazards and is subject to a repairs notice
  • applicant is satisfied that a member of the household has medical priority and is a victim of harassment, violence, abuse or at significant harm
  • property deemed unsuitable by our private sector housing team for habitation, due to disrepair, stability or lack of amenities
  • statutory overcrowding as defined in the Housing Act 1985, unless caused deliberately
  • a tenant who is overcrowded by 2 or more bedrooms
  • accepted as homeless and in priority need
  • rehousing required to avoid child being taken into care
  • Partner Social Landlord tenant who is under occupying a property.

Band two

  • Accepted as threatened with homelessness, including tied accommodation, agricultural workers, others on service tenancies
  • intentionally homeless applicants
  • other homeless, including non-priority groups and those who have refused a reasonable offer of accommodation in the public or private sector resulting in the council discharging its homelessness duty
  • proven harassment, violence, abuse or other proven risk
  • high medical or community care priority
  • a  tenant who is overcrowded by one bedroom
  • a tenant whose property has been assessed by the councils private sector housing team who have identified category 1 hazards and is subject to a repairs notice
  • sharing facilities (kitchen, bathroom) and insufficient bedspace for household
  • social landlord tenants in sheltered accommodation who want to move to another sheltered scheme
  • separated family due to no suitable accommodation
  • need to move on social or welfare grounds, i.e., specialist medical treatment, children leaving care, education/training.

Band three

  • Medium or community care medical priority.

Band four

  • Generally their current accommodation is of the right size and has all facilities
  • low medical priority.  

Band five

  • Applicants who do not have a local connection with Peterborough unless they need to move on social and welfare grounds
  • applicants with sufficient resources to purchase a property (outright or by way of a mortgage) or who can afford to rent privately
  • Owner occupiers who:
    • are adequately housed, or
    • have sufficient resources to finance the purchase of a suitable property (outright or by way of a mortgage) or
    • have sufficient resources to rent privately and in the circumstances it would be reasonable for them to do so, or own or rent a property elsewhere which it would be reasonable for them to occupy.