Choice based lettings

Properties that become available through housing associations in the Peterborough homes partnership are advertised through the choice based lettings scheme. 

Choice based lettings is a way of allocating social housing. It gives people seeking accommodation with a social landlord the choice of the type of property and area of the city they would like to live.

Adverts are released weekly on a Tuesday and the edition closes on the following Sunday at midnight. If you have a live application on the Peterborough Housing register you can express interest (place a bid) on the property which you would like to be considered for. 

Social housing adverts

You will find the Peterborough homes properties advertised:

Property information

The advert for the properties will include the following information:

  • property type
  • how many bedrooms it has
  • whether it has central heating and double glazing
  • who the landlord is
  • how much the weekly rent will be
  • whether the property is close to shops or bus routes
  • any local lettings policies.

How to bid on a property

Before you place a bid on a property, please make sure that the property is the right size for your requirements. To place a bid you need to know your housing registration number and the reference of the property you are bidding on. You may bid for one property per week.

You will be able to place your bids by:

  • texting 07860 019230 (upto 5pm on a Friday, excluding bank holidays)
  • visiting Peterborough homes website (upto 12noon on a Sunday)
  • calling Housing Needs on 01733 864064 (upto 5pm on a Friday)
  • email (upto 5pm on a Friday)
  • visiting Customer Services on Bridge Street

Shortlisting housing bids

On the Monday after the edition closes, we generate a shortlist of the applicants who have expressed interest in each property.

Any applicants who are not eligible for a property are disregarded and the remaining applicants are prioritised in the order they appear on the housing register - by band first, then by the length of time in the band. The three highest placed applicants are then invited to view the property.

After the viewing has taken place, one of our officers will contact the highest placed applicant and offer them the property. If for any reason they refuse the offer, it is then offered to the second placed applicant and if they refuse it, it is offered to the third.

Successful housing bids

If you decide to take a property which is offered to you, you will be invited to attend the Housing Association's offices to sign your tenancy agreement. The tenancy agreement will advise you when you are able to move into your new tenancy.

If you need assistance with furniture or sorting out your rent or bills you can speak to your housing officer or come to Housing Needs and speak to an officer regarding support. 

Refusing an offer

Refusing an offer of accommodation will not generally affect your status in most cases an your application will rejoin the housing register in the same position it was prior to the offer being made.

However, if you are someone who we have a duty to house following a homeless presentation, you are not able to refuse an offer unless the offer is not reasonable. Please contact your case worker for more information.   

Processing Request