Resident, visitor and business parking permits


The council can provide various types of permits including residential, visitor and business. The distribution of all types of parking permits are under the discretion of the council. It should be noted that permits do not provide a dedicated parking space, and that restrictions, including; locations eligible for use, types of permits available and the number of permits issued per address do apply.

Resident Parking Zones

A Resident Parking Zone is an area where parking is controlled to benefit residents, businesses and visitors. Resident Parking Zones are streets, areas or bays where parking is controlled or restricted to ‘permit holders only’. They are designed to regulate parking, reduce highway obstruction and give residents priority over available spaces, enabling residents to park close to where they live. 

Please note: Parking permit applications are now required to be made online. By applying for a parking permit online you will not receive a paper permit, instead your vehicle will be covered by a virtual permit. This means you will no longer need to display anything in your vehicle.

Set up a parking permits account online

You will need to set up an online account which you can then use to manage your permits. You can find out how to set up an account and apply for a permit by watching the tutorial videos, the links to the videos are at the bottom of this page.

Parking enforcement officers patrol restricted parking areas such as a resident parking zones or car parks. If no ticket or permit is displayed in the windscreen they will use a handheld device to check against our database to see if the vehicle is covered by a valid permit. Changes are delivered in real time, so if a new permit is issued, a new session started or the active vehicle is changed, this is notified to officers instantly.

It is important on the online permit system that you enter your vehicle registration plate correctly otherwise the parking enforcement officer will not be able to locate the details of your vehicle. A UK vehicle registration plate is generally made up of two letters followed by two numbers and finally three letters. A common mistake is entering the letter 'O' instead of a zero.

Please note: If you have multiple vehicles on your permit the parked vehicle must be active on your permit and you are responsible for managing this from your online parking account.

Paper permits

If you still have a valid paper permit you must continue to display it. Details of current paper permits are not being sent to enforcement officers handhelds and so unless it is displayed they will not know you have one. If you change your vehicle you will need to contact parking services to get the vehicle details on your permit changed and a new paper permit sent out.

When your paper permit is due to expire you will need to apply online for a new virtual permit.

If you do not have access to the internet you can contact parking services explaining your reasons for requesting a paper permit. Parking Services will consider each application for a paper permit on individual circumstances.

A paper application can take up to 10 working days to process on receipt of the completed application form.

Resident parking permits

A resident parking permit allows residents to park their vehicles in an available resident's bay in the zone where the permit is valid for. This is the zone where your property is located.

The permit is available to purchase either for a 12-month period or 6-month period. If you use or keep a motor vehicle, invalid carriage (with an unladen weight not exceeding 30cwt) or a motorcycle at your permanent residence and if the scheme includes your street you are eligible to apply for a permit.

If you do not own a vehicle but keep one under your "care and control" you will need to produce the registration documents and a letter from the registered owner stating that you have permanent use of the vehicle.

Resident parking permit cost

  • 1 year - £40
  • 6 months - £25

Who can apply for a resident parking permit

All residents who live in a Resident Parking Zone can apply for a resident parking permit.

Please note: a resident parking permit does not guarantee you a parking space. 

Visitor parking permits

There are two types of visitor parking permits.

Annual or six monthly visitor permit

The first is the annual/six monthly visitor permit which allows you to activate the permit for a visitor’s vehicle when they arrive at your home (you can only have one vehicle active on the permit, but can replace with another vehicle at any time).

To purchase an annual or six monthly visitor permit:

  • sign into your online account
  • select 'Permit Application'
  • then select 'Resident and Visitor Parking'
  • and finally 'Visitor Permit'

Daily visitor permit

The second type is the daily visitor permit which allows you to activate a 24 hour parking session for a visitor’s vehicle (you can only activate this permit session for a single vehicle). These permits allow a visitor to park within the street or zone as indicated on the permit. These are purchased in sets of ten 24 hour parking sessions.

To purchase a daily visitor permit:

  • sign into your online account
  • select 'Permit Application'
  • then select 'Resident and Visitor Parking'
  • and finally 'Daily Visitor Permit'.

You will need to activate the permits online with a vehicle registration when your visitor arrives. To activate your annual/six monthly permit, sign into your online account and select My Permits. To activate a 24 hour daily session, select 'Manage Daily Parking Sessions'. You can also purchase an additional daily session by clicking on the below button.

Visitor parking permit cost

  • 1 year - £40
  • 6 months - £25
  • Single session - £20 for 10 parking sessions

Who can apply for a visitor parking permit

All residents who live in a Resident Parking Zone can apply for a visitor parking permit. 

Business parking permits

A business parking permit allows owners and partners of the business to park their vehicles in a resident's bay, in the zone where the business is situated.

There are two types of business permits, a business run from a commercial property and a business run from a home.

A business run from a commercial property permit cost

  • 1 year - £60

A business run from home permit cost

  • 1 year - £40
  • 6 months - £25

Who can apply for a business parking permit

All businesses who are located in a Residents Parking Zone and do not have off road parking can apply for business permits.

Please note: a business permit is not valid in all city council car parks, on street pay and display bays or any other residential streets and other private residential parking areas.

You can't apply for business permits to enable staff parking. 

Any street permit

If your business requires you to visit residents who live in a Resident Parking Zone, you can apply for a 12-month period any street permit. These permits will allow you to park in any resident's parking bay, in any street in the Residents Parking Zone. 

Any street permit cost

All any street permits are for 1 year:

  • Healthcare professionals - £28
  • Healthcare agencies - £56
  • Utility companies - £114
  • Private companies - £360

Who can apply for an any street permit

All businesses who operate in a Resident Parking Zone can apply for an any street permit. 

Manage your parking permits online

You can use the parking permits system to:

  • Apply and pay for your parking permits
  • Amend your permit details
  • Activate parking sessions

You will need:

  • Your vehicle registration number
  • Photos or scans of supporting information (e.g. V5, utility bill, council tax demand, tenancy agreement, etc)
  • Your credit or debit card

This system will accept Visa, Mastercard, Switch/Maestro, and Electron.