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Resident parking bays

The list below shows where resident parking bays are in each Resident Parking Zone.

Parking bays on some of the streets are not resident permit holders only 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, other restrictions may apply at other times. You should always check the signs to make sure you comply with the restrictions.

Some resident parking areas are not within a zone and parking is only permitted on the street for which the property is on

Zone A

  • Windmill Street
  • Parliament Street

Zone C

  • Morris Street
  • Buckle Street
  • Field Walk
  • Wellington Street
  • South Street
  • Westmoreland Gardens
  • Granby Street
  • Hereward Road
  • Wake Road
  • Bishops Road (19-63)
  • Pipe Lane
  • Kesteven Walk
  • Burton Street
  • Burton Court
  • Monksfield Mews
  • Star Road (between junctions of Wellington Street and Padholme Road - does not include Star Close)

Zone D

  • Gladstone Street (432-558 and 381-459)
  • Harris Street
  • Searjeant Street

Zone E

  • Dogsthorpe Road (from its junctions with Park Road to Lincoln Road)
  • All Saints Road
  • Princes Street
  • Huntly Grove (from its junctions with Dogsthorpe Road to Park Road)
  • Granville Street (from it’s junction with Dogsthorpe Road to Park Road)
  • Henry Street and Park Road (from its junctions with Burghley Road to All Saints Road)

Zone F

  • Bedford Street
  • Eastfield Road (from its junction with Broadway to its southernmost end)
  • Dickens Street
  • Charles Street
  • Whalley Street
  • Whitsed Street
  • Padholme Road (from its junctions with Eastfield Road and Star Road)
  • Cavendish Street
  • Vergette Street
  • Monument Street
  • Crawthorne Street
  • Broadway (from its junctions with Burghley Square to Huntly Grove)
  • Eastfield Grove
  • Burghley Square
  • Huntly Grove (from its junction with Park Road until Vergette Street)
  • Princes Gardens
  • St. Mary's Close
  • Eastholme Close

Zone G

  • Thorpe Lea Road
  • Lea Gardens
  • Kirkwood Close
  • Vermont Grove
  • Winchester Way
  • Regency Way
  • The Drive
  • Georgian Court
  • Fairmead Way

Zone H

  • Aldermans Drive
  • West Parade
  • South Parade
  • Williamson Avenue
  • Clifton Avenue
  • Holdich Street
  • Kent Road
  • Midland Road
  • Percival Street

Zone K

  • Oxford Road
  • Stone Lane
  • Northfields Road
  • York Road
  • St Pauls Road (from its Junctions with Lincoln Road and Alexandra Road)
  • Lincoln Road (from its junctions with Oxford Road and St Pauls Road)

Zone M

  • Lincoln Road (from its junction with Dogsthorpe Road to the boundary of property 266)
  • Green Lane
  • Highbury Street
  • Alma Road
  • St Martins Street
  • Victoria Street
  • Waterloo Road (from its junction with Alma Road to the boundary of property 12)

Zone N

  • George Street
  • Jubilee Street
  • Swain Court
  • Oundle Road (between 29-83)

Zone P

  • Lincoln Road (from boundary of 630/632 to dead end at property 843)
  • Scotney Street
  • Keats Way (from junction with Scotney Street to rear of property boundary 69 Scotney Street)
  • Crown Street (from its junction with Lincoln Road to boundary of 173/175 Crown Street)
  • Belham Road
  • Burmer Road
  • Thistlemoor Road

Zone R

  • Glebe Road
  • Fairfield Road
  • Fletton Avenue
  • London Road

Zone T

  • Elmore Road
  • Heaton Close
  • Newbey Close
  • Arbury Close
  • Thoresby Close

Zone V

  • Church Walk
  • Manor House Street
  • Park Road (from its junctions with Fitzwilliam Street to Burghley Square)

Zone W

  • St Marks Street
  • Towler Street
  • Burghley Road

Non-zoned streets

Some resident parking areas are not within a zone and parking is only permitted on the street for which the property is on. This applies on the following streets:

  • Bamber Street
  • Beech Avenue
  • Broadway Gardens
  • Buckland Close
  • Cambridge Avenue
  • Cobden Avenue
  • Cobden Street
  • Craig Street
  • Crawthorne Road
  • Cromwell Road
  • Cubitt Way
  • Edwalton Avenue
  • Farriers Court
  • Fitzwilliam Street
  • Foxcovert Road
  • Gladstone Street
  • Hankey Street
  • Heather Avenue
  • Limetree Avenue
  • Lincoln Road (Walton)
  • Mayor Walk
  • Norfolk Street
  • Paston Lane
  • Pershore Way
  • Primrose Close
  • Queens Drive West
  • River Lane
  • Riverside Gardens
  • Russell Street
  • South Street Stanground
  • Star Close
  • Thorpe Meadows