Bin collection day

Bin Collection

Please ensure your postcode appears in the following format PE1 1GT.
The space should be included for the search to work.

Please ensure that the appropriate bins are placed out by 6.45am on your collection day.

Grey food waste bin

Your grey food waste bin will be collected every week on your normal collection day along with your black or green bin.

Brown garden waste bin collections

If you are signed up for the garden waste service your brown bin will collected on the same day as your green bin.

For further information about the garden waste service, please visit the garden waste collection service page.


All plastic packaging, glass bottles, cardboard, cards and wrapping paper (not glittery or metallic) can go into your green recycling bin. All non-liquid food waste can go into your grey food bin.

Additional waste

If you have any recycling that cannot fit in your green bin, you can put it in clear bags next to your green bin on your collection day.

Alternatively, recycling can be taken to the Household Recycling Centre.