Reduce & reuse


Reducing and reusing is the best way to minimise your impact on the environment when it comes to waste. There are lots of ways to reduce and reuse things, from using reusable bags rather than plastic carrier bags, giving second-hand clothes or furniture a new lease of life, or getting savvy in the kitchen to reduce the amount of food that gets thrown in the bin.

Reusable Nappy Initiative

Peterborough City Council has teamed up with reusable nappy suppliers to offer 10-15% discount. This scheme is offered to Peterborough residents, if you live elsewhere in Cambridgeshire please contact your local district Council or check the Nappy Alliance website to see if your local Council has a scheme available to you.

Please read the following terms and conditions, and if interested, complete the online form to apply for the discount code.

We'll be touch within 3-5 working days to advise further once the form has been completed.

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Reusable products

Reducing the amount of waste you produce is both the most environmentally friendly and also the most cost-effective option. Here are some tips to help remember your reusables on the go:

  • Carry a drink bottle with you wherever you go. Find places you can fill up your bottle or your coffee cup using the Refill app.
  • If you like to grab a hot drink on-the-go or on long journeys, take a reusable coffee cup. Many cafés offer a discount!
  • Keep reusable bags in your car or by the door so you always remember to use them. Some pack down small and clip onto your handbag – neat!
  • Remind restaurants and bars that you don't want a straw in your drink. There are reusable versions available for you to slip into your bag.
  • Keep reusable cutlery in your bag. If you're eating on the go, you can say no to single use knives and forks.

Refill/eco shops

Refill/eco shops are an alternative to supermarkets, offering consumers a way to buy products package free by taking their own containers to be refilled again and again. Backyard Peterborough offer this option, or there are alternatives further afield in Cambridgeshire and beyond.

Reducing food waste

The Love Food Hate Waste campaign has lots of practical advice on how to save money and reduce the amount that we throw away in our homes. Find out useful tips on the storage of food, recipe ideas for using up your leftovers and advice on portioning and meal planning at the Love Food Hate Waste website.

We also have a separate collection for food waste on the kerbside, for more information please read our bin waste advice page.

Pass it on

Have you got something that you don't need any more and want to get rid of? There are lots of options to help you to either swap, sell or donate your unwanted items.

  • Gumtree is an active network which allows you to swap, sell and buy items.
  • Both Freecycle and Freegle allow you to advertise items you need to get rid of and items that you want – and it’s all free!
  • Want to make some money from your stuff? You can sell it on eBay or social media market places.
  • Why not donate your unwanted items to charity? Find out where your local charity shops are, opening times and what items they will accept.

Love Your Clothes

For tips on how to make your clothes last longer, reduce the environmental impact of your clothes or make the most of your wardrobe, visit the Love Your Clothes website.