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Guidance on using drones


The council currently allows the use of drones on areas of our land that are open to the public (except those in the vicinity of power lines and railway tracks) so long as use of the drones does not cause a nuisance and so long as users have regard to other users of the open space.

In all circumstances those flying drones must take full responsibility for any incidents arising from their use and comply with the Air Navigation Order (2016) as amended and the guidance set out below.

The Council will keep this under review and may revoke this consent at any time.

Guidance on using drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

This guide is for anyone wishing to use drones for commercial or pleasure purposes, whether intending to make recordings or not, within the council’s boundaries.

This is for guidance only and any company or person wishing to fly a drone within our boundaries should always seek independent specialist advice and refer to the Civil Aviation Authority's (CAA) rules on the use of drones.

Please note: additional rules apply for commercial use and permission may be required from the CAA. It is the responsibility of the person flying the drone to be fully aware of the rules governing drone flights as that person is legally responsible for the use of the drone. The council is unable to give legal advice about this.

The basic rules

  • The drone must not weigh more than 20kg
  • You cannot fly above 400ft or 500mts from you horizontally
  • Ensure your drone is always in sight
  • Always keep away from other aircraft, hot air balloons, helicopters, airports and airfields
  • Drones cannot be used at night or out of daylight hours without special permission for night time flying from the CAA

If your drone is fitted with a camera

  • You must not fly within 50mts of people, vehicles, buildings or vessels
  • You must not fly within 150mts of congested areas or large groups of people such as concerts or sporting events

In addition to knowing the current law and rules relating to the use of drones, please note the following:

  • Use your common sense and fly your drone safely whilst respecting the privacy of others
  • Do not use the drone in poor weather especially in high winds if there is a risk that you could lose control of your drone
  • Are aware of the laws relating to data protection and CCTV use
  • Always have permission from the landowner if you intend to fly from land that you do not own.
  • Have the necessary insurance in place in case of accident, personal injury or
    damage to property
  • Must ensure that all licences and permissions that are required are in place before
    you fly a drone
  • Are fully aware of areas that may be subject to flight restrictions; that are designated
    as controlled airspace or are military aerodrome traffic zones
  • Are advised to seek independent advice if you have any doubts as to what is legally
    required of you.