School catchment areas

Most of our schools base their over-subscription criteria on having a defined catchment area. 

School catchment areas

You can use our interactive map to view the catchment areas and the schools across Peterborough.

How to use the map:

  1. After clicking the link above, Click in the boxes next to 'Primary schools' and 'Primary school catchment areas' or 'Secondary schools and 'Secondary school catchment areas' depending on your requirement.
  2. In the search box in the top left corner of the map enter your postcode and press 'enter' or click on the 'Magnifying glass'.
  3. This will then show you the catchment area your home is in and it's proximity to the school.

 All Community Primary schools have catchment areas; Voluntary Aided Primary Schools either have no catchment or a specific catchment based on the local parish.

These Secondary schools do not have a defined catchment area;

  • City of Peterborough Academy

  • Great Peterborough UTC

  • Stanground Academy

  • St John Fisher Catholic High School

  • The Kings School

  • Thomas Deacon Academy