Changes to Reception, Year 3 or Year 7 application

*You must not use this form to make changes to an in-year application or for a transfer between schools. 

You may use this form to make changes to a Reception, Year 3 or Year 7 application for September 2017 once your application has been submitted and downloaded. 

Any amendments received by midnight on 31 October 2016 for Year 7 for September 2017 will be considered in the 1 March 2017 allocation. Any submitted after this deadline will be processed at the end of March 2017.

If you have applied for a school place for September 2017 but would now like to make changes to that application you can do this through the online admissions system using the login details you created to setup an account.

Please be aware that any revised preferences submitted using this form will take precedence over any previous preferences submitted on existing application and where we are able to offer one of your revised preferences, it will cancel any previous offer made.

Do not use this form to make a new application for a school place, you can make a new application using the school admissions system.

Child details

Applicant details

Please note: you must have parental responsibility for the child if you would like to make changes to their school place application.

Reason for changing application