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Deferred admissions

Most children in Peterborough will start school in the September of the school year in which they will become 5 years of age.

All children are allowed to start full-time in September.

If you feel that your child is not ready to start school in the September following their fourth birthday, you can either arrange for your child to attend part-time until they reach statutory school age, or defer the date your child is admitted to the school until later on in the Reception year.

If you wish to defer your child’s entry, you will need to confirm this with the school where your child has been offered a Reception place. If this agreed by the school the school must hold your child’s place and not offer it to another child. You may also need to confirm this with your child’s pre-school/early learning provider so that your child can continue to receive their free early learning entitlement. Your child must start school in the school year for which the offer was made and the latest your child can start school is at the beginning of the summer term 2020.

You can choose not to send your child to school until the September following their fifth Birthday.

Please note: if you make this choice for your child the place offered to your child in Reception will be withdrawn and you will be required to make a Year 1 application for admission to a school for the next academic year.

See the table below to see what options are available to you:

Child’s Birthday

What options are available to you?
You should discuss these with your allocated school

1 September - 31 December (Autumn term)

Child can attend full-time, request to attend part-time from September or defer admission until the beginning of January 2019.

1 January  - 31 March
(Spring term)

Child can attend full or part-time from September 2018 or defer admission until the beginning of January 2019 or until after Easter 2019.

1 April - 31 August
(Summer term)

Child can attend full or part-time from September 2018 or defer admission until January or Easter.

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There are some circumstances which mean that parents might feel that their child should start school a full academic year earlier, an accelerated admission into school, or that their child is not ready to start school and wish to delay the admission of their child by a full academic year, a delayed admission to school.

In general the policy of Peterborough City Council is not to accelerate or delay the admission of pupils into Reception. However, in accordance with the Schools Admissions Code all requests will be considered on the basis of the circumstances of each case and in the best interests of the child taking account of the child’s educational and social development.

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Children born between 1 April and 31 August are regarded as Summer born children.

In exceptional circumstances, Summer born children may be admitted to school in a different year group. This is usually due to concerns in relation to a child’s development.

If you would like to request for your ‘Summer born child’ to start school outside of their normal age group, and be admitted to reception rather than Year 1, please read the Delayed Admission Information leaflet for further guidance and advice and information on how to make a request and the evidence required to support your application.

Delayed Admissions leaflet

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Processing Request